Monday, November 24, 2008

What a horrible day!

Today was not a good day. I spent the morning at the dr and dentist office with my kids. First off Emma has had a cold for about two weeks now. She hasn't coughed much or complained with sore throat, it has just been a very yucky runny nose. Last week she started developing some sores around her mouth and I thought they were just cold sores or fever blisters at first. Then they started spreading and getting worse looking, so I thought it could be impetigo, because Colton had that one time when he was little. I would have taken her to the dr last week but my husband said it was nothing and I was being paranoid. Well what did he know. I took her today and she has a staph infection that could quite possibly be MRSA. That is so scary to me, but having a mother and sister as nurses they reassured me that she would be okay. The dr wasn't able to culture it because none of her sore were infected and oozy anymore. But I'm supposed to bring her back if they get that way.

So that was Emma now for Colton. He started complaining last Thursday or Friday about a tooth that was hurting him. Well I didn't think it was really anything because he is losing his teeth and also getting some molars in. Plus he is a little on the dramatic side when anything hurts so I really thought he was making it worse than what it was. Well guess what! He woke up this morning looking like a chipmunk. His little cheek was swelled so much. He also complained with a headache and sore throat. I took him to the dr first to make sure it wasn't a sinus infection. The dr said no its a tooth. So then to the dentist. He said it was an absess in the tooth he had filled in June. The dentist had said then that the cavity was really deep and may cause problems in the future, but he had put a medicated filling in it and thought that would last until he lost that tooth. Well he was put on antibiotics and has to go have it pulled at 8:00 tomorrow morning at a pediatric dentist that is an hour away. That will be fun and it may be bad weather tonight so that will be just so fun trying to get there that far away.

I felt so horrible about both of them being worse than I figured and just pray that they both get better and not worse. Especially Emma's because that could be very bad. The dr said she will be okay to return to school tomorrow. Colton's is bad too, but he will be taken care of tomorrow. Please keep my babies in your prayers and me so i don't lose my mind!! Thanks.

Here is my Poor Little Chipmunk!! It looks much worse in person than this picture.

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Leslie, I know it's been rough on you today but you are a great mother and will get thru this just fine. This day will be in your memory book for ever!!

I cried when I saw Colton's picture. He looks so pitiful. Poor little man.

I love you all very much,

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