Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Cold, Rainy Saturday!

Today has been just nasty! It has poured down rain all day. I had a girl scout training meeting today and when I got back home around 3:30 my power was out again! I was so upset. The kids were with my in laws, Travis was at work and my parents were at their rental house near the lake for their anniversary. I thought I would go crazy! But it came on in about an hour. Thank goodness!

What would most women do when they have a Saturday to theirselves? Maybe go shopping or eating out with friends, do a manicure and pedicure, watch chick flicks or read a good book! Not this chick. I watched Football!!! I love the Virginia Tech Hokies!!! They kicked Miami Hurricanes butt. I sure was glad the power came on so I could watch it. Am I the only woman that watches football when she doesn't have too? By the way VT is the only team I like to watch at anytime!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I So Could Not Be Amish!

I Love the Amish way of life. I have always thought it would be such a wonderful life. I still do.

But after being without electricity for 6 hours last night I don't think I could be Amish. Our power went out around 5:00 and didn't come on til 11:30. The kids and I left here around 6:00 and went to my moms and didn't come home until around 9:00 and still had no power. Its so hard to go to bed without no noise at all. It was way to quiet no refrigerator running, no air conditioner humming, no fish tank gurgling. Its amazing how you get so used to all of these sounds and have such a hard time sleeping without them. Not to mention it was way too dark. I like it to be dark when I sleep, but its never as dark as it is when the power is out. There was no lights from clocks or fish tanks or nightlights. Kind of creapy.

But when the power came on I knew it. We had left lights on in every room so it was lit up like a Christmas tree.

I'm sure I would still love the Amish life, if I could watch some tv here and there and have daily doses of computer time and have a nice hot shower everyday. Then I would be just fine. And as long as its not too dark and quiet at night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Future Cheerleader!!

Emma had her first Cheerleading Camp today at the High School. She was so excited about this. She actually chose to go to this over a birthday party for her cousin at Chuck E. Cheese. Colton wasn't as thrilled about not getting to go to the party, but he got to go coon hunting tonight, so he was okay with it.

It was for all the elementary schools in our county and there were 97 girls there ages K-7. They had such a good time. It was all day from 9-4:30. They had a performance for the parents at 4:30. It was so cute to watch all the groups and see what they learned. Of course most of them still have a ways to go, but they did great!

Emma had an absolute ball. She's the one in the light pink shorts on the front row in both of these pictures. She really got into the dance. Especially the shaking the hips part. Thats probably not a good thing! At least she had a great time and hope she continues to like cheerleading! She's such a girly girl!!
Maybe one day she will cheer for the Floyd County Buffaloes and then move on to the Virginia Tech Hokies! The Hokies had a great, but very intense game today. Go Hokies!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Have Free Range Chickens!

Today I was brave and decided to let my chickens out to free range! I figured they would be fine since the dogs no longer mess with the guineas. Well the chickens loved it. The guineas on the other hand weren't very friendly to them. They started beating up the rooster immediately. They eventually got on more friendly terms and everyone seemed to get along. The chickens went up just fine, but my well trained guineas that always go up at night ended up roosting on top of the chicken run. Crazy things!!
I hope to start letting them out everyday at least for a few hours!

"3 of my beautiful buff orripingtons"
"Taken right before the guineas attacked the rooster"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Garden,

I am writing to you to apologize for the neglect I have shown you over the summer. I know its a little too late now. Especially considering its turning fall and cold weather will be here really soon. I have no excuse for my actions at all. But I will try to explain. You see I started out on a really good track. I had someone come with a tiller attachment on their tractor and till up your nice rich soil. Then on the first nice warm day in May, me and the kids spent the whole day planting seeds and plants and picking up rocks. I was off to a really good start.

Then the rain came, and came, and came for days. I was really starting to feel like Noah. When it would stop raining it was way too muddy! (Not that I mind mud, never mind I don't like mud much at all). Then it got hot. I mean come on do you expect me to pull weeds with sweat dripping off of my brow. So the weeds grew and grew and grew and grew and grew some more. All the while I was inside enjoying the nice air condition or hanging out at the pool or lake.

I realized it was a little out of control when I could no longer find any plants do to weeds. So I got out the weedeater and knocked down all those weeds. It was starting to look okay again. I replanted somethings that didn't come up the first time or that was lost in the weeds I chopped up with the weedeater. It looked good for a very brief time. Then I got hot, tired and lazy again.

I must say that I do appreciated all the wonderful potatoes, corn and cherry tomatoes that you provided for us this year. I'm truly sorry for my actions. Not only were you neglected but my pantry is not going to be as full this winter. It still will have a lot in there though because my parents did not neglect their garden, as I did you. They shared lots of wonderful veggies with our family and I'm very appreciated.

I do realize you have some very rich and beautiful soil, that can grow anything. I am not making promises about next year, because we kind of know how they turn out. But I can tell you I will try to do better next year and make you the most gorgeous garden on my little dirt road. I do have a favor to ask of you. Could you please get rid of some of the rocks over the winter. I know not a simple task, but it sure would make my life much easier come next May. In the meantime have a nice winters nap and come back strong next year!! (Maybe just less rocks and weeds though)


Lazy Gardener
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