Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Cold, Rainy Saturday!

Today has been just nasty! It has poured down rain all day. I had a girl scout training meeting today and when I got back home around 3:30 my power was out again! I was so upset. The kids were with my in laws, Travis was at work and my parents were at their rental house near the lake for their anniversary. I thought I would go crazy! But it came on in about an hour. Thank goodness!

What would most women do when they have a Saturday to theirselves? Maybe go shopping or eating out with friends, do a manicure and pedicure, watch chick flicks or read a good book! Not this chick. I watched Football!!! I love the Virginia Tech Hokies!!! They kicked Miami Hurricanes butt. I sure was glad the power came on so I could watch it. Am I the only woman that watches football when she doesn't have too? By the way VT is the only team I like to watch at anytime!

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

You didn't get that from me! Not a big fan of football here. Baseball or women's softball no problem.

Remember we invited you to TFR last night. You missed out on a great dinner out and a trip to Hobby Lobby!!!! Live and learn ;-)

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