Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Have Free Range Chickens!

Today I was brave and decided to let my chickens out to free range! I figured they would be fine since the dogs no longer mess with the guineas. Well the chickens loved it. The guineas on the other hand weren't very friendly to them. They started beating up the rooster immediately. They eventually got on more friendly terms and everyone seemed to get along. The chickens went up just fine, but my well trained guineas that always go up at night ended up roosting on top of the chicken run. Crazy things!!
I hope to start letting them out everyday at least for a few hours!

"3 of my beautiful buff orripingtons"
"Taken right before the guineas attacked the rooster"

1 comment:

Nancy M. said...

Yay for free ranging! My guineas are mean to my chickens too. But, if they are free ranging, they can spread out more.

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