Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

We've been super busy this week. Travis took off from his part-time job this week to work on the chicken coop and fix our lawn mower, so I could mow our "hay field".

Monday and Tuesday it was really hot in the upper 80's and we both got sunburned so bad. He got it more than me because he worked part of the day without a shirt on. But I got it on the back of my legs and tops of my feet and forehead, I even put sunscreen on, but not often enough I guess. So yesterday it wasn't as hot and we got a lot done.

We finished the outside and are ready to paint it. I was going to take pictures after we got done yesterday, but we got a horrible thunderstorm right after we finished. We were planning on painting today, but its supposed to rain so I'm not sure. Next week we will be doing the inside and the run and then hopefully we will be ready for chickies!!!! Yay!

Also I have been wanting to get some guineas. I have heard that I can let them out and dogs can't get them because they can fly. I really want them to help get rid of the ticks. We have ticks around here so bad because we have pine trees and we have already been getting lots of them off of the kids and dogs. I hate ticks and guineas are supposed to be the number one tick controller. My dad found us some guinea eggs and they got an incubator to hatch them out. Hopefully we will have us some baby guineas in about a month.

If you have guineas or know anything about them I would love to hear from you!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boys will be Boys!!!!

Today was one of those times I wish I would of taken a picture, but at the time that was the last thing on my mind. Last week I started getting two little boys off the bus in the afternoons. Their mom is a friend of mine and she was pretty desperate because she lost her baby sitter at the last minute. The oldest kid is the same age as Colton and they are best friends and then the younger is Emma's age, they are friends but fight a lot.

Well they love playing outside. They never got to go outside at their old babysitters, so they love to play outside here. Well yesterday they found a mud hole out in the field. Colton and Hunter got pretty muddy and I was scared their mom would be mad. She wasn't at all, but did send old clothes and shoes for him today. So all of them except Emma played in the mud and drove their bikes through the mud and were completely covered from head to toe in mud. I took it pretty good! I would have freaked out a few years ago, because I always kept Colton so clean as a baby! I kept telling myself this is good for the kids, at least they are outside and not sitting in front of the tv. But from now on they can still play in the mud, but not with the purpose of covering theirselves in mud.

This is really good for Colton because he doesn't play by hisself and Emma doesn't like to play things like that. I hope it helps him get toughened up a little bit and not be afraid of things! Boys will be Boys....and thats okay with me!!! It's so wonderful living in the country!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend!!!!

Wow it was a busy weekend! The weather was beautiful on Saturday. I attempted to mow the yard for the first time this year, but it was not very fun. Travis had pumped up the tires and checked the oil and all that good stuff on Friday. But when I went out to mow it had a flat again. Well I pumped it up and started mowing. It kept going flat, I had to pump it five times and didn't get but half of the yard mowed. We really have too much yard to mow. Travis said if we had a better mower it wouldn't seem as big, but I still think its too big! So I have to get an innertube this week so he can fix the tire and I can finish mowing, by that time it will be ready to mow the rest again.

Colton had his first coach pitch baseball game Saturday afternoon. He did really good. I was worried because he has such a hard time hitting the ball in practice. But he hit the ball both times he was up at his game on Saturday and got a run. Yesterday he struck out once, but got a run the second time he was up. They won their game on Saturday by one point, but lost on Sunday by a lot, didn't even find out that score.

I really seen how much some people get into sports. I think its ridiculous how parents take it so seriously. The kids just want to have fun and the parents are up screaming at them. I honestly think neither one of my kids will be a pro ball player, so I just want them to get out there and have some fun and learn sportsmanship and how to work with a team. I think some people think there kids are defiantly going to be the next Babe Ruth or something. I hope I never turn into one of those parents. Of course I don't want it to be unfair, but come on people its Little League for petes sake!

I was really hoping to get my garden planted this weekend, but it didn't happen. Today it's raining again, so I'm not sure when its going to happen. I still have to finish getting it cleaned up and tilled before I can plant it, but it will get done! There just isn't enough hours in the day!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicken Coop Progress!

It's coming right along! The first picture shows Colton trying to help dig holes. Then I didn't take any pictures until today. But the second and third pictures show how it looked this morning. Now it has the rafters up and is ready to put tin on next week.

I am so excited as its coming along. I just wish Travis was able to work on it more than one day a week. But if he didn't work, we wouldn't have money to build it, so it seems like he has to keep on working that real job he has. He keeps telling me that I'm trying to kill him, because I keep thinking of different projects around here that I want him to do. I really want a root cellar next.
But I better not push my luck...huh!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ebay update!!

So all the items that I had on Ebay officially finished yesterday! I can't believe that I made $93.00 after shipping cost, just on stuff that we have outgrown or no longer wear. This time it was all clothes and shoes, next time maybe different stuff.

I learned quite a few things from this experience. First thing don't have too many things ending on the same day, it gets kind of confusing keeping up with who gets what. I have this bad fear that I'm going to send someone the wrong thing. Second when using shipping calculator be sure to put just a little more than what the scales weigh the package at. I had a couple that I took to the post office and they weighed more than my bathroom scales said. Third when making a shipping label if you use parcel post you can't use the free boxes that come from ebay and you have to put thick envelope/package, not large package or you will have a very high shipping charge. I freaked out when the first shipping label I printed was for $24.00 and the customer only paid $12.00 and I didn't realize it until I had already printed my label and was charged on my paypal account. I was able to go and void that label and the money will be credited back to my account in 15-20 days. I guess live and learn right!

Anyway my first major selling experience on ebay was overall a good one. I will still find things to sale all along. Not only to make extra money, but to reduce the clutter.

Hope you all are having a good week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We had a very busy Easter weekend.

Yesterday we spent the day working on my chicken coop. We now have the floor done and the walls framed. I hope to take pictures tomorrow to post. I was busy helping and didn't have anytime to take pics.

We went for an Easter dinner last night and one today and then to my Moms for a little while tonight. We had a very good but busy weekend. I'm tired and ready for bed now.

By the way today is my sisters birthday. Happy "29th" Birthday Robin! I Love You!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Love Ebay!!!

I have been cleaning out some closets and selling stuff on ebay! I just sold six pairs of used Wrangler jeans of my husbands and made $47.00. All of these jeans were in great shape, but I couldn't believe that they sold for so much. I didn't have to go through the hassle and work of having a yard sale and I probably wouldn't have even got a dollar a pair out them.

I put several other items on there too. Mostly kid stuff. I am going to be adding more stuff. I think I should have something on there trying to sale at all times. It is great to be able to make some money and declutter the house at the same time.

My husband also likes when I'm selling and not buying!!!

Do you sale on ebay? If you do let me know what kind of things you sale and if you have any tips on getting the most money from your items. Thank you and I love hearing from my readers!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Weekend, But Sick!!

This weekend the weather was really nice. On Saturday the kids and I worked in the garden getting all the dead stuff pulled and cleaned up to get ready to start planting. I got a lot done and was feeling pretty good until all the sudden I started feeling really bad. I felt like I had been hit by a truck, I felt so weak and achy all over. We quit and went inside and I rested for a little bit. Then I took Colton up to my parents so he and my dad could go coon hunting. I just kept feeling bad all evening and felt bad yesterday.

We skipped out on church and the kids went with my parents to the lake on their new boat. They had a really great time and I stayed at home and slept. I slept for about 3 hours and when I woke up I was completely soaked from sweat. I guess I was running a fever and it broke. After that I felt better, but still a little weak. I guess I had what Travis and Colton had last week. I'm glad I'm feeling better now. Too bad the weather is rainy and cold today!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Way to go Colton and Emma!!

"Congratulations, Colton!!!"

"Emma looking really prissy!!!!"

Tonight was the PTA Program at my kids school. Emma's class and the first graders put on the play. It was cute, her class did Abraham Lincoln and the other Kindergarten did George Washington. The first grade did a fashion show for the seasons. Emma did a really good job. She was the first one in her class to speak and she said her lines perfectly.

After the program they gave out ribbons for the reflections contest and Colton won second place in the history category for his class. I was really proud of him and he was so excited. His little friend also won first place for science. They both were so excited.

I was really proud of both of my kids tonight and glad that they had a good time:)
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