Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boys will be Boys!!!!

Today was one of those times I wish I would of taken a picture, but at the time that was the last thing on my mind. Last week I started getting two little boys off the bus in the afternoons. Their mom is a friend of mine and she was pretty desperate because she lost her baby sitter at the last minute. The oldest kid is the same age as Colton and they are best friends and then the younger is Emma's age, they are friends but fight a lot.

Well they love playing outside. They never got to go outside at their old babysitters, so they love to play outside here. Well yesterday they found a mud hole out in the field. Colton and Hunter got pretty muddy and I was scared their mom would be mad. She wasn't at all, but did send old clothes and shoes for him today. So all of them except Emma played in the mud and drove their bikes through the mud and were completely covered from head to toe in mud. I took it pretty good! I would have freaked out a few years ago, because I always kept Colton so clean as a baby! I kept telling myself this is good for the kids, at least they are outside and not sitting in front of the tv. But from now on they can still play in the mud, but not with the purpose of covering theirselves in mud.

This is really good for Colton because he doesn't play by hisself and Emma doesn't like to play things like that. I hope it helps him get toughened up a little bit and not be afraid of things! Boys will be Boys....and thats okay with me!!! It's so wonderful living in the country!


J and J Acres said...

That was one thing about my parents too: They didn't care if we got dirty... as long as we didn't drag all of it into the house!! And yes, living in the country is fabulous!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Sounds like you've got the right attitude, Leslie! They're so much better off playing outside like you said, and I'm glad your friend is so understanding about it, too!

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