Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

We've been super busy this week. Travis took off from his part-time job this week to work on the chicken coop and fix our lawn mower, so I could mow our "hay field".

Monday and Tuesday it was really hot in the upper 80's and we both got sunburned so bad. He got it more than me because he worked part of the day without a shirt on. But I got it on the back of my legs and tops of my feet and forehead, I even put sunscreen on, but not often enough I guess. So yesterday it wasn't as hot and we got a lot done.

We finished the outside and are ready to paint it. I was going to take pictures after we got done yesterday, but we got a horrible thunderstorm right after we finished. We were planning on painting today, but its supposed to rain so I'm not sure. Next week we will be doing the inside and the run and then hopefully we will be ready for chickies!!!! Yay!

Also I have been wanting to get some guineas. I have heard that I can let them out and dogs can't get them because they can fly. I really want them to help get rid of the ticks. We have ticks around here so bad because we have pine trees and we have already been getting lots of them off of the kids and dogs. I hate ticks and guineas are supposed to be the number one tick controller. My dad found us some guinea eggs and they got an incubator to hatch them out. Hopefully we will have us some baby guineas in about a month.

If you have guineas or know anything about them I would love to hear from you!!!


J and J Acres said...

I think guineas are really neat myself. Hopefully the chickens will help keep the ticks down b/c last year they were HORRIBLE!

You can try for more info about guineas!

Leslie said...

Thanks J and J acres. I'm hoping the chickens help too. But we can't let them run loose, because too many dogs around.

I have looked at backyardchickens for info about chickens but not guineas so thanks for the info!

Nancy M. said...

I love my guineas! They do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves and I think they are helping with the bugs and ticks also. My guineas free range during the day and when the dogs attacked and killed a bunch of my chickens the guineas flew up into the trees and were safe. I have had some guineas killed at night by predators like coyotes, that could explain why my guineas have started wanting to sleep in the coop with the chickens. Good luck!

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