Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everything's Falling Apart!!

You know the saying "When it rains it pours". Well that certainly seems the case around here. Nothing major has happened, but just little things. Everytime one thing breaks or messes up around here something else does.

It started Thursday night when I went to get a load of clothes out of the dryer and they were wet. This made me mad, because we just bought a new dryer less than six months ago. Travis worked on it Friday it turns out that lint had stopped up the vent going outside. It has the lint trap on the top and I thought I would really like that because I had only had the one with the trap in the door. I don't like the trap on top at all because the lint falls off the trap thing when your pulling it out. We even bought one of those things that you see on tv for the lint remover, but it just seems to push it further in. At least we caught it early because it could have started a fire. Okay so that was an easy fix.

The hot water has been messing up in the bath tub. It would take forever for the hot water to cut on. So Travis pulled the faucet apart on Friday and when he got it all tore apart discovered he needed a part for it. He ran to the local hardware store and they didn't have it. He ended up having to call into work and use a vacation day, because he was supposed to leave for work at 2:00 and had the bathtub tore apart and he had to work all weekend. So he had to go to Lowes and get the part which costed 32.00 for a little piece and got it put back together that evening. We now have a working shower again.

This morning I went out to go to church and the car wouldn't crank. Travis tried jumping it off before he went to work, but it didn't work. He was so mad. We had just replaced the battery a little over a month ago, because of the same problem. My dad came down to check it out and it cranked right up for him. He thinks its something with the switch or key or something minor like that. At least it wasn't major, but now we wonder what it is and if we will have to pay a lot to have it fixed.

I know this was nothing major but it just seemed like the past few days everything messed up. I hope this week is better! By the way Travis painted the chicken coop and I will be posting pics soon!!! It looks great.

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50s Housewife said...

Little things like that can be so draining and stressful can't they? We've had dryer trouble lately and finally got it fixed.

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