Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

Okay I'm acting like a kid now singing rain, rain go away come again another day. It has rained since Sunday, it did stop for a little while yesterday, but not long. It has rained all day today. I like rain and know we need it, but I have so much work outside to get done.

The only thing I have planted in my garden is potatoes and I was going to plant everything else this week. But even after it quits raining I will have to wait for it dry up some to plant anything. My yard looks like a hay field and needs to be mowed something awful. I need to clean out my flower beds and plant some flowers and I also need to finish painting the chicken coop.

Its supposed to rain off and on until Friday. Then we have ball game on Saturday. So I have no idea when I will get all my outside work done. I hope the rain will go away soon. At least for a few days!


Carmen C. said...

Hi Leslie,found my way here from fraker farm. That chicken coop is awesome, wow! I want to find ways to simplify too, so I'll be stopping back for ideas:)

Nancy M. said...

It's been raining a lot here too! I go lucky and planted a few weeks ago during a dry spell.

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