Saturday, May 9, 2009

Got Rocks?

Boy we do!!!

I finally got my garden planted today. It has rained so much that I couldn't do it until today. We have so many rocks that it makes it a real pain to plant. I didn't pick any rocks up today, just out of the rows I was planting, but we could probably pick up for the next 20 years and still find rocks.

My husbands great grandparents used to own our land. Their house was across the road and our house was his wood working shop and the farm was on our side of the road. Travis and my dad figured that the cow lot used to be where our garden is now and that his grandpa hauled rocks into the lot to keep it from being a mud hole. We have great soil its very dark and rich, but full of rocks.

It's kind of funny that Travis ended up buying this place all these years later. His great grandparents sold it probably more than thirty years ago when they retired and built a brick ranch that was one story and easier up keep. The people that purchased our land turned the wood working shop into our house. Thats why its really little, but its a very well built house, cinderblock.

His great grandparents lived on this land and farmed it for many years and now we are. He tore down the old chicken coop that they had, before we got married. I guess he didn't realize he would marry a farm chick that would beg for chickens! I think they would be proud to know that we are starting our own little homestead! Travis laughed his butt off when I told him we had a homestead. I guess he never heard it quite like that before. But I can call it a homestead if I want to!!!!

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

...and a lovely little homestead you have there! I am so envious of all that land ya know.

Good thing Colton loves to pick up rocks. Better let him get them before he realizes how much work it is to it!!!

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