Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Playing Nurse Today!

My poor hubby is so sick. He was up this morning at 2:00 throwing up and did so about every thirty minutes until 7:00 this morning. He still feels horrible and is now laying on the couch asleep. I sure hope that me and the kids don't get it. I hate to throw up and I hate to clean it up even more.

The kids got three full days of school so far this week. They are out again today, because it snowed a little last night. I didn't think it was enough to cancel school, until I went to the grocery store to get ginger ale and stuff for the sick. The roads were terribly slick and the wind was blowing snow into the roads and causing drifts. I hope that they have school tomorrow.

I have to take care of the poor baby. I let him know that if I get it I'm not doing anything either. He said well after I've had it so bad I want ask for anything. We will see. He's just a wee bit spoiled. I have to go spray the lyesol again. I may just spray him down while he's asleep on the couch.

Monday, February 22, 2010


They went back to school today!!!! YAY! I don't want to sound like I don't like my children, but it was time for them to get back to school. It was one hour late so that allowed them to sleep a little longer. Now I have to figure what in the world I will do with myself all day. Maybe I'll just watch what I want, eat what I want and nap when I want. Or maybe I will just turn off all the noise and soak up the quiet. Either way I know it will be a good day!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's A Miracle!

We have had three sunny days in a row!! Woohoo!!! The most beautiful sound is the snow melting and dripping from the roof. I have even seen some green grass underneath all that white. The only downside of the melting snow is all the MUD! Yuck! But you know I can never be happy.

One thing that will make me really happy will be for school to be in and on time tomorrow. I have had at least five kids here everyday during the week for 3 weeks now. All boys except my poor little Emma. They have nearly drove me nuts and boys are stinky. I have heard more farting and burping than I care too. Thats bad considering who I'm married too.

Why don't boys know how to use the bathroom? They all have been potty trained at least five years, but they have no idea how to hit the toilet. My bathroom stinks all the time. And they have no idea how to flush. Come on boys. They have to get better than that.

I want my own bathroom.

I'm crossing my fingers, toes, legs and arms and anything else that I can cross maybe my eyes for them to go back to school tomorrow!!!!! Please for my sanity! I can't take it anymore. I will drive them if I have to.

I just need a day to myself.....and to scrub my bathroom!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Wind's A Roarin'

It's official we have a worst winter than Anchorage, Alaska. Not sure if its true but they said so on our news last night. Blacksburg VA has recieved 48" of snow so far this year. Which means we have seen more than that here in Willis because we always have more snow here. On top of all the snow we have recieved now the wind is blowing fearlessly. It looks like a complete whiteout at times. I'm so very thankful that our power has not went out yet and pray that it doesn't. We just purchased a beef and have our freezer stocked full so I don't want to lose power.

I told Travis that this winter reminded me of the ones on Little House In The Prairie. My kids will have to go to school all summer if this keeps up. We still have the rest of Febuary and all of March left. They only went to school one day last week and it looks like they will be out everyday this week. I've lost count at how many days they have missed but it has to be in the
20's. They've only had one full week since the start of 2010.
They have a little fun in the snow. When they can stand to stay outside in the freezing cold. Travis was off on Tuesday and him and the kids made a snow fort. The kids loved it. It's really neat and pretty warm in there it really blocks the wind.
Colton was packing snow in the holes. Cody had to supervise operations.
Emma's job was to stomp the snow to pack it down. This reminds me of stomping grapes for wine except its snow and she's not barefoot.

My camera battery died before it was finished. They added another row on top and cut a door out. I will try to remember to take a picture of the finished fort. They really had fun building this. It looks like it will be around until June!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Concert Pics!!

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean

Jason and his band

Luke and his guitar player who was very cute too!


"the hottie"

I didn't get too many good pictures during the concert because I was standing behind the Jolly Green Giant who never sat down! We were on the twelth row in the floor which wasn't too bad until you wanted to take a picture and then I had either a blond head or a plaid shirt in all my pics. I think they should seat the rows from shortest to tallest! I would have gotten really close then!
I'm going to rest now, I'm so tired! Getting too old for all this excitement!

I Met Luke Bryan...oooh laa laa!!!!!

Wow I had an amazing time last night!!! Thanks to my sister who is friends with Luke Bryan's aunt we got to go to the Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean concert in Salem VA. We also got to meet Luke Bryan!!! Robin got the tickets and couldn't even come because she had to go back to Georgia. We missed her and thought about her a lot, wish she could have been there. Thanks Robin!!!!

Here is the whole gang! My aunt's sister on the left, my aunt Wanda, Luke, Colton, me, Morgan and my mom!

Can you tell I was a little starstruck!! He smelled soooo good and looked sooo good, he has the whitest teeth and most beautiful smile, and he rubbed me on the back!!! Oh my goodness I was giddy!!! Sorry Travis I can't help it he was HOT!!

My mom was a little starstruck too!

Morgan was totally "in love"!

Here is my "little country man!" Colton was so excited to go but the concert was a little loud for him but he still loved it. He got an autographed picture and his VT hat signed. He was very happy that school was closed today so he didn't have to get out of the bed early, but he can't wait to take his hat and show everyone.
The concert was fantastic!!! I like Luke Bryan by far much better than Jason Aldean (not just because I got to meet him, and touch him, and smell him, and look at him)! Sorry about that just reminiscing a I thought Luke connected with the audience a little more and he danced a little and flirted with all the girls a lot. Don't get me wrong Jason was amazing too but I really, really, liked Luke!!!!
If you could not tell I had a fabulous time and am so glad Robin has friends in high places!!!!
Thanks Again Robin!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tasha Tudor's Chocolate Cake!

Yesterday I was in a cooking mood. I made four loaves of homemade bread, bean soup, fried potatoes and chocolate cake. One of the kids that I babysit asked "Why are you cooking so much today?" I told him that I was in a cooking mood and he said, "I like it when your in a cooking mood because I'm always in a eatin' mood." I had to laugh because he was exactly right he loves to eat.

I have been trying to cook from scratch more. My goal is to not have to buy any premade or boxed or processed foods from the grocery store. I want to be as self sufficent as possible and learn how to make things that we love from ingredients that we have without all the bad stuff in it.

I must confess that I have never made a cake completly from scratch. I have made a chocolate syrup cake and an apple cake thats wonderful from scratch. But I had never attempted a chocolate cake from scratch. I have this wonderful Tasha Tudor cookbook. I love the cookbook and I loved her. I really would love to be more like this wonderful lady was, I wish I could have met her.

So I made her chocolate cake yesterday and it took me an hour just to get it mixed up. Of course I was having to take care of kids and break up fights and stuff during this time. It called for 2 cups plus 4 Tablespoons of sugar. I kept thinking thats an awful lot of sugar, but I'm going to do it exactly as the recipe says. So I fixed it and it looked really nice, not as fluffy as a cake mix cake but it was still pretty. I made the cocoa frosting for it too. The frosting is really good.

So after supper I sliced Travis and I a big ole piece of cake. The first bite he said, "Wow that is sweet." It was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. It tasted really good, but incredibly sweet. I said I knew that was too much sugar. So this morning I googled Tasha Tudors chocolate cake recipe to try to link to it and a website came up about corrections from the cookbook. Guess what it said omit one cup of sugar from the chocolate cake recipe. Now I feel so much better and I will defiantly make it again just less one cup of sugar.

I didn't post the recipe because its a bit lengthy and I'm lazy. If you would like the recipe let me know and I will post it. I think I'm going to be in a cooking mood again today. At least the kids hope I am considering they are home again because of the snow!
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