Friday, July 31, 2009


Yesterday I finally got brave enough to open the guinea door to let them free range. They are about 8 weeks old or a little older so it was getting time. Well it took them several hours before they got brave enough to come out.

I was like a new mommy running to check on her baby every few minutes. I was even outside in the pouring down rain to check on them. But I guess I wasn't a good enough mommy. Because after they came out one came up missing. I looked and looked and finally found it in the driveway being chewed on by the neighbors stupid Jack Russell dog. I was furious, I ran the dog off and checked on the guinea, but it was too late. I was so upset. I took the guinea and threw out in the field with the pine trees, not even thinking that this would be a bad idea. That was a huge mistake. Cody and Chi-chi found it and ate it. Now they are chasing the guineas.

Last night I got all of them up but two. Then my dad came down to help get the last two up and Chi-chi chased one and nearly caught it, but it flew off. I think its roosting in a big tree up in the field behind our house, but not sure.

Yesterday morning I had ten guineas, this morning I have eight:( I'm so sad! We put a shock collar on Chi-chi so we can break her. We run the Jack Russell off anytime he comes into the yard. But that dog has been such a nuisance for a while now. His owners don't even care that he never stays at his house. He is here the majority of the time eating our dogs food, chewing everything up, getting on top of vehicles and digging everywhere. We have no idea what to do about this dog. We don't know the neighbors, but they don't seem like very nice people. We just want the dog gone. He no longer is wearing any collar either, so its like they don't want him either. I know that he's a purebred Jack Russell and they are expensive dogs and usually really good dogs. I just wish he would go home and leave my guineas alone. I hope I don't lose anymore!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Great Birthday!!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! My niece planned me a suprise party at my parents house. My mom made a fabulous meal and a delicous red velvet cake!!!! It was all soooo good!

I got some really nice gifts. My sister and niece got me a really cute primitive stichery picture. My mom got me a big prim start to put on my chicken coop and a cute prim picture. I loved everything that I got and had such a good time with my family!!

Thank you guys! Your the best!!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Well tomorrow is my official birthday!! I will be 28. Wow I can't believe it. I'm almost 30...yikes. I feel old.

But anyway, we went out with my in-laws last night to celebrate. We have a tradition of going to Red Lobster to celebrate any birthday in our family. It's really nice that they take us out for a meal there every few months because we could never afford to eat there on our own. Thanks Becky and Lloyd it was delicious as usual!!!

They also gave me $100 and a very cute VA Tech shirt. So after we ate we went and looked at exercise bikes. I have been wanting one for awhile. I really need to get in shape. I would have liked to have a treadmill instead but they are all so large and we didn't want something to take up too much room. So we ended up getting a really nice bike at Play it Again Sports. We looked at new ones at Dick's Sporting Goods and they were more expensive and not as good quality. The one I ended up with is a Vision Fitness E3100. It is used, but you can tell very little. We got it for $250 and they retail for $800-1200 now. It's a really nice bike and very quiet, you can't even hear it.

I used it for 15 minutes last night and felt like I was dying. I only burned 50 of the 50,000 calories that I ate at Red Lobster:( Then I got up this morning at 6:30 and used it for 10 minutes. My legs were a little sore from last night and I didn't want to get so sore that I couldn't walk. I hope to be able to use it twice a day for about 30 minutes each time. I'm really excited about it and hope that I can stay dedicated to it.

I need to make some lifestyle changes. I want to get the weight off of me before I hit 30 because I know its much harder the older you get. Not that 30 is old, but I just want to get in shape before I'm 30. I need to change my eating habits and the whole families. We need to cut back on the sugar and white flour and processed foods. I want to go one step at a time so we don't totally get burned out and sick of it. I'm not saying diet though. I just want to be healthy!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Four Words.....


My kids have been driving me nuts today! They can't stop fighting or picking on each other. It didn't help that it rained half of the day so they were stuck inside. Overall they have been great this summer, but we haven't been at home a lot. They were bored out of their minds today and I had too much to do around the house to play with them. But they did help me clean house and break beans, inbetween fighting and bugging the crap out of each other.

Now my sweet little angels are playing cards in their room "together" and have been for an hour. Why couldn't they have done this during the day when Dad wasn't here? I do love my kids more than anything, but they drive me crazy at times!!!

I have to find some fun rainy day games and activities to keep them from getting bored, because it looks like rain is in the forecast all week. Any ideas?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sick of TV!

Tonight the kids and I have been trying to find something decent on tv to watch. Thats almost impossible. I get so tired of paying for satellite service every month and having nothing to watch. We finally ended up watching Hee Haw on RFD channel. Its so funny. I remember watching it as a kid, my kids don't like it as much as I did.

I am so sick of kids shows. They get on my nerves so bad. My kids aren't into cartoon shows anymore. Now all they like is Suite Life of Zack and Cody, I Carly and Hannah Montana. I have had enough of it and am going to start limiting tv time again. Emma doesn't watch much, but Colton would sit there all day if I let him. I think I will go crazy if I here these dumb shows again!

I would cancel satellite if I could, but Travis would freak. He isn't here much, but when he is he wants to watch tv. So I guess I have to get stricter with the kids and myself about watching it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're Home!!!

Well we made it home this afternoon at about 2:30. It's so good to be home!!! I like going on vacation, but boy do I like to come home! There was no R&R on this vacation. It was all go, go, go the whole week. I guess we will have time to relax when the kids are grown and out of the house.

We went to Busch Gardens two days and to Water Country one day. It was fun and the kids loved it. Emma was able to ride her first big rollercoaster this time, the big bad wolf. She loved it. I sat beside her on the first ride and I put my hand across her lap to hold her and she said I'm okay leave me alone. Both of the kids love rollercoasters and would fuss at me for screaming. I love them too, but I still scream everytime I ride one. Colton and Travis rode the Lochness Monster at least 15 times. Colton loved it!!

Wouldn't you know that I didn't take my camera anywhere. I didn't want to keep up with it in Busch Gardens. We usually get a stroller but the kids are bigger and don't need one, so we wanted the least amount to keep up with as possible. This is the only picture that I took and I used my cell phone. I am really upset with myself for that, but we still have some great memories!!

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