Friday, July 31, 2009


Yesterday I finally got brave enough to open the guinea door to let them free range. They are about 8 weeks old or a little older so it was getting time. Well it took them several hours before they got brave enough to come out.

I was like a new mommy running to check on her baby every few minutes. I was even outside in the pouring down rain to check on them. But I guess I wasn't a good enough mommy. Because after they came out one came up missing. I looked and looked and finally found it in the driveway being chewed on by the neighbors stupid Jack Russell dog. I was furious, I ran the dog off and checked on the guinea, but it was too late. I was so upset. I took the guinea and threw out in the field with the pine trees, not even thinking that this would be a bad idea. That was a huge mistake. Cody and Chi-chi found it and ate it. Now they are chasing the guineas.

Last night I got all of them up but two. Then my dad came down to help get the last two up and Chi-chi chased one and nearly caught it, but it flew off. I think its roosting in a big tree up in the field behind our house, but not sure.

Yesterday morning I had ten guineas, this morning I have eight:( I'm so sad! We put a shock collar on Chi-chi so we can break her. We run the Jack Russell off anytime he comes into the yard. But that dog has been such a nuisance for a while now. His owners don't even care that he never stays at his house. He is here the majority of the time eating our dogs food, chewing everything up, getting on top of vehicles and digging everywhere. We have no idea what to do about this dog. We don't know the neighbors, but they don't seem like very nice people. We just want the dog gone. He no longer is wearing any collar either, so its like they don't want him either. I know that he's a purebred Jack Russell and they are expensive dogs and usually really good dogs. I just wish he would go home and leave my guineas alone. I hope I don't lose anymore!!!

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