Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting ready for Vacation!!

We will be leaving for vacation tomorrow:) I have lots to do today to get ready, but we are so excited. We are going to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg VA. We are staying four nights. We will probably go to Busch Gardens two days and Water Country one day, but I guess we will see how tired we all are.

I really hope Emma is feeling better. She has had a cold the past few days and yesterday she started having trouble breathing. She has mild asthma and sometimes it acts up when she gets a cold. I gave her two breathing treatments yesterday and that helped. Hopefully she will not need anymore, but I'm taking the nebulizer machine with me, just in case.

The kids are so excited and can't hardly. I hope its not extremely hot and crowded. I will see you all when we get back!! Have a great July 4th!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS Week!!

We have had Vacation Bible School at our church this week. My mother-in-law and I are teaching the 7 and 8 year olds. We have had between 13-19 kids in our class every night. Let me just say they have way too much energy! They are sweet kids, but some of them are so wild, they just wear me out. I wish I could bottle their energy up and take it every day!!!

We have had such a good turn out each night for all the age groups. The best news so far is one girl accepted Christ last night!!! That is exactly why we do it and it makes it all worth while!!! I pray that we do the best job that we can to spread the word of God to these young ones. I have really enjoyed Bible School this year and so have my kids. Friday night is the closing program, looking forward to that!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More animals on our homestead!!

"Smokey playing peek-a-boo under the chicken coop!"
"Cody is such a good and faithful dog"

"This is Travis' favorite chicken, we need to name her!"

"Wow those babies sure are growing fast"

"The camara flash totally freaked them out, but everything freaks them out!"

Here's the new member of the homestead!!!

Meet Sammy, the new addition to our little homestead!
Well he's not exactly ours, he's just a loaner goat from my mom and dad! They very generously have allowed him to come to our house for awhile to eat down the tall grass in the field. I was able to convince Travis that we needed him after I killed a snake last week, which was the second one that we've already killed this year. Yuck! We both hate snakes and they are coming from the tall grass, so we needed something to eat it. I hope Sammy does a good job!!

"Isn't he just the cutest little thing"

"He's been kind of sad, he's never been away from his mommy before! Hope we can make him happy!!!"

We have a new addition to our little homestead!! Pictures are coming soon!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun!

The kids have officially been out of school for one week and one day now. So far they are being pretty good other than asking for snacks fifty times a day and fighting. We have already been having fun on my parents boat:) Its so much fun! The kids love jumping off the boat and swimming around in the lake. You can check out pics at my moms blog www.sunnymorningfarm.blogspot.com .

Next week we start Vacation Bible School at church. That is always a fun but a very busy and tiring week. Then we will be going on vacation July 1 thru July 5. This year we are going to Busch Gardens and Splash Country in Williamsburg, VA. The kids are so excited they love roller coasters and all the rides at amusement parks. We are excited just to get away and to go somewhere different. I found us a very cheap motel from cheaptickets.com, I'm just crossing my fingers that its not a major dump. We have our expectations set pretty low, so hopefully we will not be disappointed. We just need a place to sleep as our days will be filled so we can't see paying a ton of money for a nice hotel. We got the hotel half price through cheaptickets hopefully its worth it.

We set our little 3 feet deep pool up last night and have been filling it up today. The kids really want to get in it but its raining again, imagine that! My garden looks like a jungle, its either too rainy or too hot to work in it. I guess I'm going to have to just do it and stop waiting for the perfect weather or we want have anything this year.

Well that's just whats going on around here! Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog help!

I need help with this dumb blog! I have no idea what I did but all of my stuff that was on the side is now on the bottom of the page. I took my background off because I thought that was what was causing it, but that didn't work. I have tried every template that blogger has and it still isn't right. I can't figure it out and I don't like it being at the bottom of the page. If any of you computer savy people know what I can do please let me know. Thank You!!

She Really is Growing UP!!

Just 3 days after her 6th birthday Emma lost her first tooth! She was so excited! Then the next day she lost her second one. But she really isn't snaggle toothed because her permanent teeth had already came in behind the baby teeth. Colton's did the same thing on the bottom. They are so crooked right now, I am seeing braces in the future for both of them:(

Colton was really jealous because he is 8 and only lost one tooth on his own and 2 pulled from the dentist. He better get busy or sis is going to catch up with him! But they can wait a little bit, the tooth fairy is broke at the moment!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boy + Dog = True Love Forever

Meet Smokey!! This is Colton's new coon dog. Now that he's into hunting he had to have his own dog! He sure did pick a cute one! Smokey is an English Blue Tick. Colton loves him so much and he plays with him all day!! I think he seems tempered like Colton. So far he is really easy going and doesn't bark much, he's so sweet!

Look at those big feet!!!

Could that boy get any happier?

Chi-chi is jealous she's not the new dog on the block anymore!!!

Happy Late Birthday Emma!!!

My baby turned 6 on June 4th:( It's sad that my babies growing so fast! But she is so happy to be a six year old now! We celebrated her birthday with a small party on Friday with family and a few of her friends from school!

Here she is showing off one of her many presents!
Blowing out her candle!

The butterfly cake I made for her!

Taking a swing at the pinata!
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