Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here's the new member of the homestead!!!

Meet Sammy, the new addition to our little homestead!
Well he's not exactly ours, he's just a loaner goat from my mom and dad! They very generously have allowed him to come to our house for awhile to eat down the tall grass in the field. I was able to convince Travis that we needed him after I killed a snake last week, which was the second one that we've already killed this year. Yuck! We both hate snakes and they are coming from the tall grass, so we needed something to eat it. I hope Sammy does a good job!!

"Isn't he just the cutest little thing"

"He's been kind of sad, he's never been away from his mommy before! Hope we can make him happy!!!"


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh he does look sad. If you will go out and brush him and rub his belly twice a day he will start being happier!! I am sure he will like all that grass too ;-)

Love ya,

Leslie said...

He perked up when he was chasing Chi-chi around. She was teasing him because she knew he couldn't get off the chain. He seemed happier when they were playing though, maybe she will be his companion!!

Mandie said...

What an adorable goat!! I want goats sooo bad but we will have to wait to live in the country. I hate snakes too, yikes!!

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