Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Official...

We broke ground on the chicken coop last night. That sounds really funny, like we had bulldozers and heavy equipment here. All we did was dig six holes and and fill them halfway with concrete. That's to make it sturdier.

My husband is a great carpenter. He has carpentry in the blood. His dad is an awesome carpenter and a real perfectionist. Travis inherited that too. Everything he goes to build, he does it the right way, never half way. He wants to build something to last when he builds it. We were hoping to start on the building tomorrow, but its supposed to rain:( Of course it seems it always rains on Wednesday's when Travis is off. But I know I will get it eventually!

I will keep you all posted on the progress and take some pictures!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Great New Website!

I just had to let you know of a great new website. It's by one of my favorite blogger ladies. Its called http://www.sugarpiefarmhouse.com/ . I hope you go on and check out Ms Ruthie's new website. It's so neat. I love it! She is also having some great giveaways, like the adorable hen measuring spoons. So go check it out!!

Chickens Coming Soon!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We have been battling sickness here. Colton was home from school on Thursday and Friday and Travis missed work Saturday and Sunday. I think they had a mild case of the flu. They were achy all over and ran a fever. Now both kids have a horrible cough. I hope they didn't decide to share their germs with mommy! You know when mom is sick she doesn't have anyone to take care of her.

Emma said on our way home from church yesterday, "that we need to go home and pamper on Daddy since he's sick." He was feeling better when we got home so we headed to town and decided to eat at Country Cooking. We were so happy with our frugal meal. All four of us was able to eat for only $15.00. That was amazing and it's all you can eat. It really makes a difference if you only get water to drink and when kids get to eat free.

We also went to Lowe's trying to get price estimates of how much it will cost to build the chicken coop. If we do it with all new and treated wood it will cost a lot. I think we have decided on a 10'x12' coop. It will be large, but I want one that has storage in it, for the food and other supplies. We are probably going to use some poplar that we have had stored in our building for a long time for the outside. We think it will be okay if we paint it really good. Hopefully we can come up with enough supplies here to cut down on the cost a lot.

We also went to Tractor Supply and the kids got to look at the baby chicks. They were so excited and wanted to bring them home today. I was glad that they are excited about them and hope they will be once we get chickens. They like to watch my moms chickens as long as they are in their pen and not running loose. Emma was attacked by a rooster one time, so they want get out of the car at my moms if they see the chickens out. They won't have to worry about our chickens running loose because our dogs would probably kill them immediately. I'm getting so excited and can't wait to get a chicken coop, but it will probably be a long process to build, since Travis can only work on it one day a week and we have to do it as we get the money. But at least he is on board with it...finally.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things!!

I had to share what my kids just said. They are watching some kind of movie on the Disney Channel, while I'm playing on the computer.

In the movie a man was being chased by someone and he yelled I have pepper spray. This is what my kids said.

Colton: "Isn't pepper spray something that old ladies carry in their pocketbooks?"

And Emma said without missing a beat: "No they carry salt spray!"

I thought that was so cute. She says some things that can absolutely crack you up. I wish I would write them down, because I always forget before I can tell anyone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Christmas in March!!!!

Yesterday was like Christmas when my mailman came. I am so glad our old grouchy mailman retired and we have a nice one now. Because he wouldn't be too happy with us. Last week Travis got a box of bullets to use for reloading ammo and it weighed about 50 pounds. Then yesterday I got all my goodies that I ordered off of ebay and Amazon the last few weeks. I don't buy stuff very often, but have been here lately. I'm finished buying I promise, for now!

So what did I get? First I got my valances for the dining room. I got three and they are barn red and tan ticking. I only paid 17.00 for all three of them and they are brand new, I didn't figure I could make them that cheap and they look really good. I also got brand new 1200 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets. I had no idea they went up that high. They are really nice and they were 69.00, a lot cheaper than in the stores. I got two books. The first was The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. It's a great book and huge. I haven't got to look at it too much. Then my favorite thing I got was a book by Tasha Tudor. It's The Tasha Tudor Cookbook:Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage.

I just love the cookbook. It's not very big, but it has some tasty looking recipes (or reciepts as they are called in there). But I love the artwork the most. I just love Tasha Tudor. The way she lived was amazing and she seemed like an incredible lady, I wish I could have met her. I'm looking for more of her books and things. Her artwork sure is worth a lot of money now.

It seems like I have been spending money right and left here lately. But I haven't spent too much money and I got some really good deals. Now I have to get back to the thrifty mindset and not spend any money. But I really like buying dishes and prim decor!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Some New to Me Favorites!!!

These are some of my new favorite things that I have purchased recently. The top picture is my favorite. They are Pyrex Amish Butterprint mixing bowls and refrigerator dishes. I purchased the small mixing bowl before Christmas at a local antique store for $8.00. A couple weeks ago I was in that same antique store and found the large mixing bowl for $12.00. Now I only need the middle size mixing bowl to make a complete set. I found the refrigerator dishes on ebay for only $20.00 including shipping. I love the refrigerator dishes and am exited to use them. Especially after reading about how bad it is for you to reheat your food in plastic. I will be using these a lot. So I got all these great bowls for only $40.00. That doesn't sound too cheap, but I have been watching prices on Pyrex for a few months and it can be really expensive and all of these are in great condition. I love Pyrex mixing bowls, and I do use them.

The next picture is a vintage Anchor Hocking casserole dish. I purchased it the day my mom and I had our outing. I just love it. It looks like a refrigerator dish the way the lid is made, but its larger and completely clear. I think its really neat and it says 1943 on the bottom, and in perfect condition. I can't wait to make something in it. I only paid $11.00 for it.

The other pictures are some prim stuff I got recently. My dough bowl (it's not real, couldn't afford them), with some fillers in it and willow tree, sit in the middle of my kitchen table. My cute little sheep and round dough bowl sits on top of my cabinet, for now.

I am starting to get more and more like my mom. Which is not a bad thing!! I love my mom, she's my best friend and she's so much fun to be around. But I'm starting to develop her and my Grandma's love for dishes. We have always picked on my mom for buying too many dishes. Now I can relate.

"Sorry for always picking on you, Mom. You're starting to rub off on me." Ha...Ha!!!
By the way this is my 100th blog post!!! Yay!!!! I never thought I would get to 100 post. Hopefully I can come up with some exciting give away to show Thanks for my visitors that check me out. I will be thinking on it and let you know soon. Thanks to everyone that comes and visits me and for leaving comments. I have fun writing about my life and other things that I find interesting.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Is the economy really that bad?

So have you all heard that the economy is really bad. I think they are saying we are in a recession headed for a depression. I have thought this was true because I watch the news every day and the only thing they talk about is how horrible the economy is. I know that a lot of people have lost their jobs and their is a lot businesses shutting down because of the economy and people are losing their homes and stuff.

But let me just say I went shopping on Saturday, which is very unusual for me to go shopping for clothes. We have family pictures this week and we all needed new outfits for it, so I spent the day shopping. I think someone forgot to tell the crowds at Old Navy, Ross, Target and the mall that our country is about to fall apart and go in a deep depression. It was like Christmas shopping. I had to circle the parking lot looking for a parking space and then stand in line for fifteen minutes to checkout after I fought the crowds to find what I was looking for. Not only were the stores packed but the restaurants were too. I was completely surprised, I guess I don't get out much.

I'm not trying to down play the economic situation, but what I am saying is if you were to cut off the t.v., quit reading the newspaper and Internet, then I don't think you would have any idea there was a recession going on unless you were personally affected by it. I have decided to stop listening to that junk, that's what the news is now, and just focus on my own economic situation and not worry about everything else. Because I think the news is trying to scare everyone. So if you think the economy is bad just head out to the local shopping center and see how bad everything is!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cabinet pics!

Okay I finally posted the pictures of my cabinet that I promised. This is how it looks for right now. I will probably change it out often. I really think the blue willow looks great on here, better than I thought it would. It was really hard to get a decent picture because the room is pretty small. I am excited about decorating and hope to have the dining room completed before long.
I am going shopping again tomorrow. Two of my favorite primitive stores sent out coupons this week and one of them is only for today, and tomorrow. Since I didn't make it there today I will go tomorrow. I'm hoping to find some valances and I really want a large trencher dough bowl to put on my table. I think it will have to be a fake one because the real antique ones are so expensive.
Anyway hope you like my cabinet as much as I do. And I'm still on a lookout for a pie safe!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Man Of My Dreams:)

Today is hubby's 29th birthday:)

"Happy Birthday honey, sorry you had to work. But I had fun for you."

Emma and I spent the day with my mom antiquing. It was so much fun and I didn't spend too much money. We were going to a primitive country store, but we got there too late and they had just closed. So that will have to be another trip. I did get a crock to set on my counter and put big utensils in, a big fat rolling pin, a really neat vintage anchor hocking casserole dish with glass lid (its really cool), a couple little signs and a primitive barbed wire star and a glass chicken feeder for when I get chickens. There was lots of stuff that I wanted but I was a good girl. We also went to the Hanes/L'eggs/Bali outlet and I stocked up on bras and panties, (I know that you needed to know that, but I was excited about that too). I don't shop for myself much so this was really fun.

We had a really fun day. We laughed a lot, but I better not share the story behind it yet, Mom might get mad!! Let me just say wish you could have been there, it was sooo funny!!!! Sorry, Mom, still laughing:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

What A Beautiful Day!!!

Today its gorgeous weather. Two days ago we were bundled up in layers sleigh riding and building snowmen, today the kids are playing outside with just light jackets. My how the weather can change fast. I hope it stays nice now. I'm sooooo ready for spring. This winter has been long and cold. As soon as the ground dries up some I have to get my gardens cleaned and ready for planting. I really should get them cleaned out at the end of the summer but for some reason I never do. Maybe I'm tired of it by then. I also think when the stuff is dead its a little easier to remove.

I have lots of little projects that I would like to get done around here this spring and summer. That is if time and money allows for it. Not time for me but for hubby (most of the projects require a big strong, hunky man to do the job). I can't wait to get started. Hubby's not as thrilled!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day Full of Sledding!!

"Hi Mom, this is fun!"

Chi-Chi wanted to ride!!

"Hang on, Here we Go!!"

We've had two days full of sledding and Travis pulling the kids around in the sled behind the four wheeler. I'm wore out. It's so tiring just getting myself and two kids ready to go out in the snow. We all had on at least three layers. And of course Emma wasn't out fifteen minutes today and had to come in to use the bathroom. That took about 30 minutes.

I feel really old and so out of shape. Its not as easy to pop up after I fall off the sled as it used to be. And it hurts a lot worse. I'm so sore now. We all had lots of fun though and got to spend some quality family time together. It was worth being a little sore and really tired to have a great family day!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So when I posted this morning it was 10:30 and it had snowed a little bit and we had some ice. It started snowing a couple hours ago and looks like a blizzard now. We are only supposed to get 2-4 inches and it wasn't supposed to start until late tonight. Well we already have about 4 inches and its still putting it down. This could be a big one folks. This just goes to show that the weather man isn't in control, its all in God's hands.

I just pray that Travis makes it home okay tonight. He doesn't get off work until midnight. He did drive his four wheel drive today and hopefully he will be safe. Looks like the kiddos will get a day off tomorrow. Good thing I got plenty of groceries, we shouldn't get hungry.


Well today is the first day of March and we awoke to ice and some snow. It's not very much yet. But they are calling for 2-4 inches of snow tonight. So we could have no snow or lots of snow, you never really know. Back in 1993 (I think that was the year) we had a huge blizzard in March. It was probably two feet of snow or more. We were snowed in at some friends house for a week, because we didn't have wood heat and the power was out. I remember it being really fun. But I don't care to have that much snow again. Everything stopped at that point in time. No one could go to work or do anything for several days.

I hope this is the last of the bad weather. I am so ready for Spring. I know it's just around the corner, but I'm getting very impatient. I can't wait to start gardening again. We are planning a larger garden this year and I'm going to plant more variety of things. I really want to can alot, hopefully enough to carry us through out next winter.

Hubby has finally agreed that I can get chickens:) I'm so excited!! But we have to build the chicken coop and he works a lot of hours, so I'm not exactly sure when it will get done. I told him that I wanted to use some of our tax return towards it. We are getting back quite a bit and we are using half to pay off some bills and the rest we are splitting to get whatever we want. He is getting a reload press to make his own ammo. (I'm really thrilled) but that's what he wants, and he doesn't give up til he gets what he wants. Thats how he got me!!!

Anyway I think I will use mine for the chicken coop materials and any thats leftover towards primitive decor for my house. I'm getting so excited about decorating, now that I got my cabinet finished. I still haven't got it decorated with the stuff I want yet but it looks so good and really does look like its a hundred years old. That was the look I was going for so I'm excited. Well I guess I better get off the computer so I can wash my blue willow and get them put out...YAY!!
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