Friday, March 13, 2009

Cabinet pics!

Okay I finally posted the pictures of my cabinet that I promised. This is how it looks for right now. I will probably change it out often. I really think the blue willow looks great on here, better than I thought it would. It was really hard to get a decent picture because the room is pretty small. I am excited about decorating and hope to have the dining room completed before long.
I am going shopping again tomorrow. Two of my favorite primitive stores sent out coupons this week and one of them is only for today, and tomorrow. Since I didn't make it there today I will go tomorrow. I'm hoping to find some valances and I really want a large trencher dough bowl to put on my table. I think it will have to be a fake one because the real antique ones are so expensive.
Anyway hope you like my cabinet as much as I do. And I'm still on a lookout for a pie safe!!

1 comment:

More than Survival said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

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