Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day Full of Sledding!!

"Hi Mom, this is fun!"

Chi-Chi wanted to ride!!

"Hang on, Here we Go!!"

We've had two days full of sledding and Travis pulling the kids around in the sled behind the four wheeler. I'm wore out. It's so tiring just getting myself and two kids ready to go out in the snow. We all had on at least three layers. And of course Emma wasn't out fifteen minutes today and had to come in to use the bathroom. That took about 30 minutes.

I feel really old and so out of shape. Its not as easy to pop up after I fall off the sled as it used to be. And it hurts a lot worse. I'm so sore now. We all had lots of fun though and got to spend some quality family time together. It was worth being a little sore and really tired to have a great family day!!

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