Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Christmas in March!!!!

Yesterday was like Christmas when my mailman came. I am so glad our old grouchy mailman retired and we have a nice one now. Because he wouldn't be too happy with us. Last week Travis got a box of bullets to use for reloading ammo and it weighed about 50 pounds. Then yesterday I got all my goodies that I ordered off of ebay and Amazon the last few weeks. I don't buy stuff very often, but have been here lately. I'm finished buying I promise, for now!

So what did I get? First I got my valances for the dining room. I got three and they are barn red and tan ticking. I only paid 17.00 for all three of them and they are brand new, I didn't figure I could make them that cheap and they look really good. I also got brand new 1200 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets. I had no idea they went up that high. They are really nice and they were 69.00, a lot cheaper than in the stores. I got two books. The first was The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. It's a great book and huge. I haven't got to look at it too much. Then my favorite thing I got was a book by Tasha Tudor. It's The Tasha Tudor Cookbook:Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage.

I just love the cookbook. It's not very big, but it has some tasty looking recipes (or reciepts as they are called in there). But I love the artwork the most. I just love Tasha Tudor. The way she lived was amazing and she seemed like an incredible lady, I wish I could have met her. I'm looking for more of her books and things. Her artwork sure is worth a lot of money now.

It seems like I have been spending money right and left here lately. But I haven't spent too much money and I got some really good deals. Now I have to get back to the thrifty mindset and not spend any money. But I really like buying dishes and prim decor!!


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I love loeve love Tahsa Tudor and can't wait to read her sotries to my grand daughter. I have several of her books from when my kids were little. MY DH had corgi's growing up so they are special to us.

Leslie said...

Linda, Thanks so much for the comment. Ever since I discovered Tasha Tudor, I love her too. She was such a remarkable woman and I would love to go on a garden tour of her place.

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