Friday, March 6, 2009

What A Beautiful Day!!!

Today its gorgeous weather. Two days ago we were bundled up in layers sleigh riding and building snowmen, today the kids are playing outside with just light jackets. My how the weather can change fast. I hope it stays nice now. I'm sooooo ready for spring. This winter has been long and cold. As soon as the ground dries up some I have to get my gardens cleaned and ready for planting. I really should get them cleaned out at the end of the summer but for some reason I never do. Maybe I'm tired of it by then. I also think when the stuff is dead its a little easier to remove.

I have lots of little projects that I would like to get done around here this spring and summer. That is if time and money allows for it. Not time for me but for hubby (most of the projects require a big strong, hunky man to do the job). I can't wait to get started. Hubby's not as thrilled!!

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