Monday, March 23, 2009

Some New to Me Favorites!!!

These are some of my new favorite things that I have purchased recently. The top picture is my favorite. They are Pyrex Amish Butterprint mixing bowls and refrigerator dishes. I purchased the small mixing bowl before Christmas at a local antique store for $8.00. A couple weeks ago I was in that same antique store and found the large mixing bowl for $12.00. Now I only need the middle size mixing bowl to make a complete set. I found the refrigerator dishes on ebay for only $20.00 including shipping. I love the refrigerator dishes and am exited to use them. Especially after reading about how bad it is for you to reheat your food in plastic. I will be using these a lot. So I got all these great bowls for only $40.00. That doesn't sound too cheap, but I have been watching prices on Pyrex for a few months and it can be really expensive and all of these are in great condition. I love Pyrex mixing bowls, and I do use them.

The next picture is a vintage Anchor Hocking casserole dish. I purchased it the day my mom and I had our outing. I just love it. It looks like a refrigerator dish the way the lid is made, but its larger and completely clear. I think its really neat and it says 1943 on the bottom, and in perfect condition. I can't wait to make something in it. I only paid $11.00 for it.

The other pictures are some prim stuff I got recently. My dough bowl (it's not real, couldn't afford them), with some fillers in it and willow tree, sit in the middle of my kitchen table. My cute little sheep and round dough bowl sits on top of my cabinet, for now.

I am starting to get more and more like my mom. Which is not a bad thing!! I love my mom, she's my best friend and she's so much fun to be around. But I'm starting to develop her and my Grandma's love for dishes. We have always picked on my mom for buying too many dishes. Now I can relate.

"Sorry for always picking on you, Mom. You're starting to rub off on me." Ha...Ha!!!
By the way this is my 100th blog post!!! Yay!!!! I never thought I would get to 100 post. Hopefully I can come up with some exciting give away to show Thanks for my visitors that check me out. I will be thinking on it and let you know soon. Thanks to everyone that comes and visits me and for leaving comments. I have fun writing about my life and other things that I find interesting.

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Well my little chickadee it has took me a long time to get you trained now hasn't it!!

Really I am soooo sorry because it is an obsession that there is no treatment for. No grumbling husband or children or grumbling maid can help you kick the habit either ;0) hehehe

I feel whoever dies with the most dishes for their children to fight over wins!!!!! Right?

Love your BFF,

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