Saturday, May 30, 2009

They're Here!!!!

I'm a mommy again!

It's 10 guineas, 5 baby chicks, and 6 full grown chickens! They are so fun! We love them ! My beautiful new coop isn't going to be clean and beautiful for long. The big chicks seem to be happy but they are still scared to go inside the coop, because we let them out in the run. It's already pretty dark outside and they are all huddled up in a corner. I'm hoping they will go on inside to roost for the night. I won't sleep a wink tonight thinking about all my new babies.

The nest boxes

Fuzzy baby chick

All the babies

"The old ladies"

"My Gorgeous coop and run"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Safari Field Trip!!

Yesterday I went with Emma on her Kindergarten field trip to the Natural Bridge Safari Park!
It was so much fun, we all had a great time. The rain held off until the bus ride home, Thank Goodness! Here is a look at some of the pictures taken of the day! My camera was acting up, so some pictures are kind of fuzzy:(

"Emma and her friend Mary pose for a pic!"

"This is the whole class, How Cute!"

" I thought Travis stayed home!!"

"The zebras aren't nice so they have to keep them away!"

"This guy was enjoying his lunch!"

"The Buffalo is our county mascot, I love them!"

"This little guy was too cute"

"Oh no, I said no one could take my picture. How did that happen? Oink, oink"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Been Busy!!

I haven't posted in awhile. I have been pretty busy, with finishing the chicken coop, ball practices and games and trying to garden. It still has been raining here so much. I didn't get my yard mowed this week, because of the rain. Hopefully I can tomorrow. I'm not sure if my garden will do anything, because the rain has about washed everything away.

My coop is almost ready for chicks and guineas. The inside is completely finished, but we haven't started the run yet. We hope to this week. There is so many projects around here that we would like to do, just having the time and money!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day last Sunday!!! Have a Great Week:)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Got Rocks?

Boy we do!!!

I finally got my garden planted today. It has rained so much that I couldn't do it until today. We have so many rocks that it makes it a real pain to plant. I didn't pick any rocks up today, just out of the rows I was planting, but we could probably pick up for the next 20 years and still find rocks.

My husbands great grandparents used to own our land. Their house was across the road and our house was his wood working shop and the farm was on our side of the road. Travis and my dad figured that the cow lot used to be where our garden is now and that his grandpa hauled rocks into the lot to keep it from being a mud hole. We have great soil its very dark and rich, but full of rocks.

It's kind of funny that Travis ended up buying this place all these years later. His great grandparents sold it probably more than thirty years ago when they retired and built a brick ranch that was one story and easier up keep. The people that purchased our land turned the wood working shop into our house. Thats why its really little, but its a very well built house, cinderblock.

His great grandparents lived on this land and farmed it for many years and now we are. He tore down the old chicken coop that they had, before we got married. I guess he didn't realize he would marry a farm chick that would beg for chickens! I think they would be proud to know that we are starting our own little homestead! Travis laughed his butt off when I told him we had a homestead. I guess he never heard it quite like that before. But I can call it a homestead if I want to!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

Okay I'm acting like a kid now singing rain, rain go away come again another day. It has rained since Sunday, it did stop for a little while yesterday, but not long. It has rained all day today. I like rain and know we need it, but I have so much work outside to get done.

The only thing I have planted in my garden is potatoes and I was going to plant everything else this week. But even after it quits raining I will have to wait for it dry up some to plant anything. My yard looks like a hay field and needs to be mowed something awful. I need to clean out my flower beds and plant some flowers and I also need to finish painting the chicken coop.

Its supposed to rain off and on until Friday. Then we have ball game on Saturday. So I have no idea when I will get all my outside work done. I hope the rain will go away soon. At least for a few days!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Here is my beautiful, red chicken coop!!! Isn't it just so cute? We still have to finish the painting and build the coop inside and make the run, but it's coming along beautifully.
Travis has done a great job and took major pains making it perfect. I'm so excited to get my chickens and guineas!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everything's Falling Apart!!

You know the saying "When it rains it pours". Well that certainly seems the case around here. Nothing major has happened, but just little things. Everytime one thing breaks or messes up around here something else does.

It started Thursday night when I went to get a load of clothes out of the dryer and they were wet. This made me mad, because we just bought a new dryer less than six months ago. Travis worked on it Friday it turns out that lint had stopped up the vent going outside. It has the lint trap on the top and I thought I would really like that because I had only had the one with the trap in the door. I don't like the trap on top at all because the lint falls off the trap thing when your pulling it out. We even bought one of those things that you see on tv for the lint remover, but it just seems to push it further in. At least we caught it early because it could have started a fire. Okay so that was an easy fix.

The hot water has been messing up in the bath tub. It would take forever for the hot water to cut on. So Travis pulled the faucet apart on Friday and when he got it all tore apart discovered he needed a part for it. He ran to the local hardware store and they didn't have it. He ended up having to call into work and use a vacation day, because he was supposed to leave for work at 2:00 and had the bathtub tore apart and he had to work all weekend. So he had to go to Lowes and get the part which costed 32.00 for a little piece and got it put back together that evening. We now have a working shower again.

This morning I went out to go to church and the car wouldn't crank. Travis tried jumping it off before he went to work, but it didn't work. He was so mad. We had just replaced the battery a little over a month ago, because of the same problem. My dad came down to check it out and it cranked right up for him. He thinks its something with the switch or key or something minor like that. At least it wasn't major, but now we wonder what it is and if we will have to pay a lot to have it fixed.

I know this was nothing major but it just seemed like the past few days everything messed up. I hope this week is better! By the way Travis painted the chicken coop and I will be posting pics soon!!! It looks great.
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