Monday, July 20, 2009

Four Words.....


My kids have been driving me nuts today! They can't stop fighting or picking on each other. It didn't help that it rained half of the day so they were stuck inside. Overall they have been great this summer, but we haven't been at home a lot. They were bored out of their minds today and I had too much to do around the house to play with them. But they did help me clean house and break beans, inbetween fighting and bugging the crap out of each other.

Now my sweet little angels are playing cards in their room "together" and have been for an hour. Why couldn't they have done this during the day when Dad wasn't here? I do love my kids more than anything, but they drive me crazy at times!!!

I have to find some fun rainy day games and activities to keep them from getting bored, because it looks like rain is in the forecast all week. Any ideas?


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

How about the clothespins in the jug game????

Or maybe they can just come over and play with all my kids??

Who said I was a SAHM without kids? I have 5 of them!!!

Leslie said...

I forgot about that game we will have to try it.

Yeah you are a busy SAHM with too many kids! Ha, ha!!

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