Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Been A Great Weekend!

I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful family! The kids and I spent all day yesterday with my parents and all day today with Travis' parents. We really are lucky to live so close to our parents and have such a great relationship with all of them. My kids are so very lucky to have their grandparents in their lives.

Yesterday we went with my parents to pick up black walnuts at a farm that my dads boss owns. We had fun, especially when some horses came running through the field towards us and me and the kids bolted for the truck. We're such chickens! The kids loved being able to ride on the back of the truck through the cow pasture and Colton loved getting off the truck and opening the gates.

After that we left and went to an Amish community near by. It was so neat. The kids loved to see the horse and buggies riding along the rode. We got to go see one of the Amish families dairy goat farms and they milks sixty goats twice a day by hand! He also showed us the cheese barn where they make the goat cheese. It was all a lot fun!! Such a good experience for the kids.

Today we went to my in-laws. They just got back from vacation in the Dominican Republic for a week. They showed us the pictures and it looked really nice. We enjoyed a nice lunch with them and the kids played outside all day then me and Emma went with my mother in law to Wal Mart. We picked up a pizza and went back and ate supper there too. We all had a great time!

It was a wonderful weekend, just wish Travis didn't have to work so he could enjoy it with us! We truly are very blessed and love our family very much!! Thanks guys for all the wonderful things you do for us and all the great memories you make for the kids!!!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh yes it was fun!!!!! I really liked the part where your dad whistled for the horses....hahahaha......and the "cows"........

I really like Amish country too!!!!

Leslie said...

Yeah we had a great time! That was really funny when Daddy whistled for the horses!

Travis was mad that I didn't buy a puppy! Like we need another one. We maybe having some anyway.

Nancy M. said...

It sounds like a really fun time!

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