Friday, October 23, 2009

This Makes Me Happy!

Oh so Happy! My faith has been restored in my chickens. I was beginning think they didn't like me or their home, because they hardly ever lay. I average 2 eggs a week from my older hens that my mom gave me. I got my first pullet egg on Tuesday. I'm sure everyone in the neighborhood heard me scream with excitement.

This was what I got Wednesday. One white pullet, one brown pullet egg and a green egg from one of my older hens. Look at how small the pullet eggs are.

The size difference is really amazing.

Tuesday I got one brown pullet egg, Wednesday I got a brown and white one, and Thursday I got one white one. I hope they keep on laying. I'm so proud. They were out all day Wednesday and actually went back to the nest boxes and laid. My old hens just lay them in the yard when they are out. I'm so happy. It really stinks feeding chickens and never getting anything in return. I have a feeling four old ladies will be seeing the end of their days pretty soon. I just can't afford to keep feeding them if I only get one egg a week from them. Chickens are so fun!


Nancy M. said...

I'm glad you are getting more eggs now, I am too! I think mine were on strike, but the younger hens might have inspired the older ones to lay.

Holly said...

I've been raising chickens twenty years or so and I still get a thrill when the pullets start to lay. There is something rich and fulfilling about supplying your own milk and eggs.

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