Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where Did Fall Go????

Burr! The time has come to start building those wonderful old fires again. Today the temperature has dropped since this morning and is only in the upper 30's. Yuck! I'm not ready for winter. I don't like having to build fires and all the mess that comes along with it.

Tonight I made a nice, warm and comforting supper. We had homemade beef vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and a wonderful blueberry oat dessert with butter pecan ice cream. The one good thing about cold weather is enjoying all the wonderful comfort foods that warm you from inside out!!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Was it "pecan" or "pecan" ice cream?

I don't think eother one is listed on your diet!!!

Yep it surely was a good day for comfort foods here too!!!

Leslie said...

It was PEECAN! Actually the dessert and ice cream was low cal. The dessert had about 300 cal per serving and ice cream 150. Not as bad as your big old cake!

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