Friday, November 13, 2009

I Love Netflix!!

We have been getting Netflix for about a year now and really love them. We watch a lot of movies and used to pay a lot of money to rent them at the video store. We not only save money with Netflix but we don't even have to leave the house.

But it just got even better. We have a Playstation 3, so we were able to get a disc that you play in the playstation and are able to watch the movies that you can play instantly on your computer. Its really neat you just pick the movies that are available for play instantly, which is mainly older movies and not so popular ones or tv shows and then we can watch them on our 42" hd tv instead of my tiny computer screen. Now I can watch Desperate Housewives whenever I want. Yay!!

Just thought I would give that little plug for Netflix. I have a feeling we will be watching lots of movies this winter. Have a great Friday!!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

OK I am jealous! I want one of them too!! I don't want to watch movies on a little bitty computer screen either! But my TV isn't as big as yours either.

I know what....I'll just come over there and we'll set up a sewing room in your living room and watch movies together!! I'll bring the sewing machines and you pop the popcorn ;-) We'll invite all our blogging friends too!!!

I'll put in a plug for Netflix too....I LOVE NETFLIX TOO!!!!!

Leslie said...

That sounds like fun! The kids are watching Beverly Hills Chihuaha now. I love it. What a great babysitter....haha.

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