Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas, What It Means To Me!

C hrist child- the reason for the season!

H ome the best place to be with family!

R ich not with money, but too many blessings to count!

I s the most wonderful time of year!

S leigh bells ring...are you listening!

T oys, toys, and more toys!

M omma's Christmas breakfast...Yummy!

A nother year of health and happiness for our family!

S weets for everyone!

Okay so on my last post I hadn't gotten into the spirit of Christmas yet. Well I have finally gotten there the weekend before Christmas. I finished my shopping on Wednesday and I baked my cookies for the teachers. I wrapped a few presents, but still have the kids to do. Why did I not wrap them during the day while they were at school? Now I have to try to sneak around to wrap them with the kids here. Sometimes I'm not very smart.

I was just thinking about what Christmas means and this was a few things. I want our Christmas to be about Jesus' birth most importantly, but also family and love. We have so much to be thankful for this year and I want to be sure that we remember it. We may of not been able to spend hundreds of dollars on our kids for Christmas, but they are still very lucky there are many kids that don't get anything. We all seem to stress so much and think we have to get them exactly everything they ask for or they aren't going to be happy. But you know what if we have raised them to be greatful and appreciate all that they have and recieve then they should be happy with anything. I think parents make a bigger deal about Christmas than the kids. I mean the people that paid hundreds of dollars for a Tickle me Elmo a few years back were crazy. They were trying to buy there kids love. Yeah maybe the kid cried and begged for it, but so what. It takes the parents to say no, I still love you but your not getting a stuffed animal that I have to pay five hundred dollars for. Where do you draw the line. If your willing to pay that much for a stuffed animal for a four year old, what will her first car be, a porshe.

We all need to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Its not about toys, Santa, reindeer, food and candy. It's Jesus' birthday and if it wasn't for him we would not have eternal life in heaven.

We have really tried to make Christmas fun for our kids without overdoing it. Some may think we spend too much and some may think we are horrible parents and don't spend enough. This year we spent a little more on Colton, but Emma has more presents. We spent $150.00 on Colton and $120.00 on Emma. Not much of a difference and they will never know. Its so hard to keep it completely fair. But like I said before our kids do not get stuff all the time, so when they do they are greatful for what they get. I hope so anyway.

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