Monday, December 29, 2008


Travis is off from work for a few days this week. He has a much needed break. Today we took the kids to a movie. This was a real treat as we do not go to the movies very often. The last movie we seen in the theater was Shrek the Third. That was probably two years ago. Today we seen Marley and Me. It was a very funny, cute and sad movie. I of course cried almost through the whole movie. I'm such a cry baby. I cry in all movies and tv shows. But this one was sad not just for me but for Travis too. He didn't cry though. But it tugged at his heart strings. I want tell you about it in case you plan to see it. I do highly recommend it. I seen mixed reviews some people said it was not very appropriate for kids, but my kids didn't pick up on any adult content that was there.

Let me just say when we came home we gave Cody and Chi Chi some much needed loving. I'm sure lots of dogs get lots of attention after that movie.

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