Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Sorry it's been a while, Again. Busy summer.

Well today is my birthday. I'm 27 today. I don't feel any older, yet. I have recently gotten several nice things though for my birthday.

My real birthday present from hubby was a clothesline. I know it doesn't sound like anything really special, but I love it. And hubby made a wonderful one. When he makes something he does it the right way so it will last forever. This one defiantly should. I love it. It has really helped me to keep my laundry under control, because it has six lines and I can hang lots of clothes at one time so its really nice and fun. That sounds weird saying hanging out clothes is fun, but so far it really is.

Okay and my other present was a new stove for my kitchen. It wasn't planned for, just had too. Our old stove was given to my husband by his great grandmother when he moved in to our house. We figured it to be at least 30 years old or older. It has really never worked too good, but it made due for almost 9 years of marriage. That is until Sunday morning when I was fixing cinnamon rolls for the kids and the stove made this horrible noise and then fire and sparks started shooting out of the sides of the oven. It scared me to death. But I quickly turned the oven off and it quit. The heating element in the bottom of the oven burned into. We decided that instead of trying to find an element we would retire the old stove and buy a new one.

I love my new stove. It's a white smooth top Fridgedaire brand. I can't believe that it can boil water in like 4-5 minutes, with my old stove it took at least 30 minutes to boil water and that was on a good day, sometimes it was longer.

So I received a clothesline and stove this week. When we went to Tennessee I also got a lot of things. A set of Henkels kitchen knives, a pair of Olukai sandals, Native sunglasses and a carpet sweeper. So this past month I have been really spoiled. The amount of money that we have spent this month is not normal. Please do not think we buy like this all the time. My blog is about trying to get thrifty, for pete's sake. But we were needing some things and while we were on vacation we decided to go ahead and get things that I really like that was good quality and last a long time. So it was a one time splurge. My knives and sunglasses have lifetime warranties, so that helps knowing if something should happen to them I can get another for free.

Besides a clothesline is thrifty, isn't it!

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Happy Birthday to you my dear little one!

I hope you continue to love the clothesline and the new stove!! I am sure your family hopes you continue to love them too!! They need lots of good food cooked on that shiny new stove and thier clothes dried in the sun!! ;)

Love and hugs,

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