Saturday, July 5, 2008

We're BACK!!

We just got home from the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We really had a great time, but are totally pooped. We were busy all week and didn't get to the room before 10:30 any night. But it was well worth it and we really had fun.

Wednesday we went to Dollywood. It was lots of fun. Colton was so excited he finally is 48" tall and could ride all of the rides. He wanted to ride the roller coasters first thing. We figured he would chicken out before getting on them, (he is scared of lots of things), but he didn't. He absolutely loved the coasters and rode them at least 10 times. He was completely hooked. Travis and I are so proud, we love roller coasters too.

Emma also was very brave. She was able to ride a smaller roller coaster called the blazing fury. It goes through a dark burning building and then the track is out and you fall straight down into water and get wet. We didn't think she would like it, because it is kind of scary, but she loved it and rode at least 6 times. She even fell before getting on one time and skinned her little knees up really bad, but she still rode. She was with daddy that time and when she came back to me she had blood from her knees to her ankles and it was still bleeding pretty bad. Travis was going to bring her back to me before the ride, but she insisted on riding. She said if she would have been with me instead of her daddy, that I wouldn't have let her ride. She's probably right, mommies are mean that way.

We had fun walking around Gatlinburg and we watched the midnight fourth of July parade and fireworks, which was a lot of fun. We did some shopping and a whole lot eating. I probably gained 10 pounds. Overall we had a very nice vacation and really appreciated our in laws for taking us.

Well when we got home we had some not so good things happen. First my parents came and fed our dog and kitties on Friday morning and they couldn't find one of the kitties. We was hoping and praying all the way home that it would be here, but it wasn't. My neighbor had found it Thursday morning ran over in the road. Our hearts just broke when we heard and then having to break it to the kids. This was Emma's kitty and she was so excited to get home to see it. She was upset, but overall took it very well. We called Granny she has one kitten left and said we can have it if we can catch it. It's pretty wild. I sure hope we can catch it.

If another kitty dies we are calling it quits on the cat department.

The other really, really, bad horrible thing that happened was...I don't even want to type it, it's so bad. Okay here it goes...there was a snake in our house. YUCK!!! SCARRY!!! SCARRY!!!
When we went open our front door it was curled up and went through a crack under the door. It was very small, like a garden snake or grass snake. But it doesn't matter what size, shape, color or if it was poisionous or not the fact is it was a SNAKE. A nasty slimey, creapy, crawley, reptile in my house.

My big strong hubby killed it and took it outside. Then I made him fix the door so no more could get in. Now I'm scared to go to bed. What if there is more? OOH! I think I want to move.

Okay so I'm being a little over dramatic. But come on why would anyone want those nasty creatures as a pet.

The whole reasoning behind getting cats is so they will kill the mice and birds in the barn so we want have snakes. All I can say is Mr. Whiskers better get to work!!

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