Thursday, July 24, 2008

I forgot to post about two weeks ago our other kitty Mr. Whiskers died. We found him dead in the barn. He didn't have any marks or anything like he had been attacked. The only thing we think that could have happened was he may have found rat poisioning that we had put out last year. We had it under things so the dog couldn't get it but the kitty could probably get in those areas where Cody couldn't.

We all were very sad. He was so cute and friendly and we had already gotten attached to him. Now we have decided we don't want anymore kitties. Even though my parents say that we can have the momma cat that keeps them supplied with kitties. We are thinking about getting her, but we don't know if we should even try that. Three kitties dying in a month is a little much. I think we just aren't very good at keeping cats.

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