Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally Put The Tree Up!

Emma and I finally put the Christmas tree up today! Now I don't feel like such a scrooge. I have all of the kids Christmas presents pretty much taken care of and only a few more people to buy for. So I'm getting a little more of the Christmas spirit.

My little helper. She was really into decorating the Christmas tree this year!

This is my most special ornament. It was my dad's mothers and its really old and very fragile. I always put it close to the top of my tree and guard it with my life all Christmas. The kids aren't allowed anywhere near it. Emma thinks its really special and I told her when she gets married I will give it to her for her first tree. She said she hopes it doesn't get broke. Me too!

My beautiful Charlie Brown tree!!

The angel on the top was made by husbands grandmother!

I have no theme when it comes to decorating my tree. I just put all of the ornaments that I have on there. Most of them have been given to us since we got married and alot of them are ones that the kids have made or that have been given to them. Its so fun unwrapping ornaments and finding ones that I have forgotten about. Emma loved helping this year and you can tell she puts alot of ornaments in one area. I don't care about it being perfect anyway!


Amanda said...

Emma is such a pretty little girl! She did a great job on the tree! I bet the ones she put together in that one spot were probably her favorites. :)

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Just beautiful!! Emma was a really good helper!! I just hope that she gets all those presents that are on her Santa list too!!!!

I hope Granny Carrie's ornament will remain safe until Emma grows up too!!! I can't believe that it survived for 33+ years now ;0)

Nancy M. said...

Your tree looks great! You have a pretty helper! I let my son decorate our tree too. It's awesome that you have ornaments with such great history!

Fonville Farm said...

haha! You copy cat, I have a picture of that same ornament on my tree! At first I thought I had switched over to my blog:) I love your tree and your adorable helper! That ornament is my favorite too! I'm just so happy that it survived the "Great Christmas Tree Tumble of 2005"!

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