Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sometimes I'm Not Very Bright!

We still have about 4 inches of snow on the ground and its still really cold. It hasn't melted much at all. I went outside to do all of my wonderful farm chores such as feeding the chickens, guineas and goat and getting in firewood. Having a little mini farm is not too fun when its cold and snow on the ground.

Well my guineas and chickens were acting crazy when I went in to feed and water them. So I decided maybe they would like to get out and play in the snow for a little bit before dark. The kids were playing outside in the snow and one of them ran in and said the neighbors dog was chasing a guinea. I ran outside with bb gun in hand and seen the dog chasing the guinea through the field. There were three others up on the top of barn having a fit. I shot at him a couple times with the bb gun but it didn't do any good. He still killed one of my white guineas.

This is a different dog than the one that killed the guinea the first time I let them out. This is some sort of lab mutt. I think it might have a bit of bird dog in him too! I went to put the rest up and got all the chickens except one up and there is still three guineas out. I hope he doesn't come back but I don't think I can get the guineas or the chicken up now. I hope they don't freeze to death tonight.

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Nancy M. said...

Sorry about your guinea! I really hate dogs that run loose! Earlier this year two dogs killed a whole bunch of our chickens. I think it's coyotes that killed my guineas since it happened at night. My husband keeps a gun ready in case he needs it, to protect our animals.

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