Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!!!!

We are part of the huge snow storm that slammed the East. We were expected to get up to 24 inches by tonight. I think the total we got here was around 19 inches. Thats a lot of snow. People were stranded all over the interstate for hours. Travis left work at midnight last night and made it home at four a.m. It took him four hours to drive home it normally only takes one hour. But he made it home safe and sound and didn't attempt to go today. Hopefully he will be able to make it okay tomorrow.

The chickens aren't fans of snow. I don't think they like cold feet!

Colton was tired from walking up the hill three times to sled. He had to take a break.

My little snow angel!!!

I think someone has been eating snow!!

The snowman building didn't work too good so she just jumped on it!

We didn't get to do much sledding, because it was so deep and it was hard to walk up the big hill. Our two four wheelers wouldn't go, even in four wheel drive they just spun. My parents were going to come down to ride tubes behind the four wheelers but it was just too deep for that. The kids still had fun running and jumping in the snow.

I had fun taking pictures with my new camera. It was my early Christmas present from my in-laws and I love it. It's a Nikon Coolpix S230. It's the kind that Ashton Kutcher advertises with the touch screen on the back. It's really cool and the selling point for me, its my favorite color, purple!!! Thanks Lloyd and Becky I love it.

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Nancy M. said...

Your camera sounds awesome! I love seeing all the pictures of the snow! I am only a little jealous!

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