Sunday, May 18, 2008

End of School Year!!

I can't believe this is the last week of school. Thursday night Emma will be graduating from preschool:( I'm happy for her she is so excited and she's so cute when she sings all of her songs. We say all the time that she will be on American Idol one day, she loves to sing and perform and always has. (As I'm writing this she is serenading me!!)

Friday is Colton's last day of first grade. He is so happy that summer is finally here. He doesn't like school very much, he's alot like his daddy. But I have been very impressed with him this year. He has had some not so good moments in the first grade, but overall he has done well. He had to have some extra help with his reading with a reading recovery class this year and it helped him so much. He started the year out on a level one and is ending on a level twenty four that is six levels higher than the first grade average, and he was able to be dismissed from reading recovery in December, because he was doing so well. His teacher said that he was the first student that she had ever had to be able to be dismissed early. I think the reason he struggled with reading, was because he had some problem with his speech and once he took the speech classes and got that taken care of his reading was easier for him. I'm really proud of all the hard work he has done this year and think he deserves a summer break.

We haven't decided for sure if we will be taking a vacation this year or not. For the past two years we have went to Myrtle Beach, S.C. We really like it and if we go anywhere we will go there again. The only reason we are hesitating is because of the gas prices. We roughly figured that if gas is up to 4.00 a gallon in July, which it may be more by then the way it is going, we would pay 250.00 just for gas. It would cost approximately 100.00 to fill up my car and we usually go through two and a half tanks. So that is money down the drain just to get to and from somewhere, but we may make the sacrifice because we really like going on vacation and spending that time together as a family. And you know Uncle Sam is being generous enough to give us a nice rebate check so we will use that for vacation (or gas):)

I want to know is anyone else having second thoughts about vacation this year because of gas prices and the economy in general?

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jskell911 said...

We won't be taking a vacation this year. Not only are fuel prices awful, but we need to put some money into household improvements.

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