Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you Worried?

Everytime you turn on the news we hear about the bailout of the economy. Okay I'm not very smart when it comes to economic stuff. But I don't think this bailout thing seems like a very good idea. I do think something needs to be done before it gets worse. But why should us taxpayers have to bailout these money, hungry pigs on wall street.

If you go to he tells you how to contact your senators and congressmen and let them know you do not want this. He has some other ideas that seem to be much better than what the president has come up with.

I think they need to figure more and not jump into anything too fast. It's all politics anyway and they really don't care about us regular Americans.

Okay enough of the ranting just some thoughts from a lonely, old housewife that watches too much news!!

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Jennifer said...

I am starting to get worried, although I haven't figured out yet how it will all affect me. We don't have debt other than our mortgage and don't borrow money for other things. I do think for people that are needing loans for things, it will really affect them. I still trying to wrap my brain around everything going on and figure it all out.
I just found your blog and I love your rows of canned goods. I have also spent many hours canning tomatoes and making applesauce!

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