Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have I ever mentioned Dirty Dancing is my Favorite Movie?

Well it is! My absolute favorite movie of all time. And guess what! I'm going to Mountain Lake where Dirty Dancing was filmed some twenty years ago. I'm so excited about it. We are going tomorrow and just spending one night.

Friday is our 10 year wedding anniversay! Wow so hard to believe!!!! Anyway Travis has to work every weekend and doesn't have any vacation days left so tomorrow is the only time we can go. His parents gave us money to go somewhere for a night and my parents are keeping the kids. We really appreciate it because it has been at least a year since we have had a night out and 10 years since we have went anywhere by ourselves. Mt Lake is only about an hour away from here. We are really looking forward to a night away in a nice romantic cabin and having dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Now Travis is worried I will be wanting to go there all the time. He's probably right. I sure wish we could have been able to go this weekend because its a Dirty Dancing weekend. That would have been so fun. Maybe next year.

Go to http://mtnlakehotel.com/ and check it out. We will be staying in the Chesterfield, it's a one bedroom cottage. I can't wait until tomorrow! I'll tell you all about it when we get back!!

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Amanda said...

I hope when you come back you can say, "I've.. had... the time of my liiiiife" Have fun!

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