Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homemade Wednesday!

Yesterday I was in a cooking mood. I wanted to use what I had and not have to make any special trips to the store. For lunch I made two homemade pepperoni pizzas. We had enough leftover to have pizza for supper too. Then I made a homemade chocolate pie for dessert. It was heavenly. I even made my own homemade pie crust, which was my first ever attempt at pie crust. It turned out really good. Not beautiful but good!!

I would have taken some pics but camera batteries are dead. Of course. I dream of a new fancy camera like my mother and father in laws or my sisters. They all are so neat and take fabulous pictures. Mine takes great pictures when it works. The rechargable batteries keep dying, I guess I need new ones. The only bad thing about it is it takes forever to flash and if your trying to take a picture of a kid or animal they move before you can get it taken. I have taken so many pictures of the back of kids heads and animal butts!

Anyway I don't know how I got started on cameras. I had a great day cooking from scratch and learning some great new recipes. Both of my recipes come from . I love that website, they have some great recipes and I love all the helpful reviews. The pie was chocolate cream pie II and the crust was easy to remember pie crust. Both of them were extremely easy and tasted great.

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Amanda said...

Chocolate pie sounds so good. I know what you mean about the camera batteries. My old camera was the same way. I'd cut it on after just charging the battery that came with it, take a few pics, then it wouldn't cut back on. I missed a lot of good shots too. :(

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