Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wow. Today has been a crazy day. There has been a man hunt underway all day today in our area. Actually there have been about 40-100 police all around my parents house. The suspect they are looking for stole some firearms and a vehicle this week and shot a police officer on Friday. The officer is okay he was treated and released, thank goodness.

The suspect stole another vehicle and made his way to our area. He's actually from our county but he didn't do the shooting in our county. This morning the police chased him until he wrecked on a road near my parents home and he got out and fled on foot. The police said that he was headed through the woods towards my parents house. My mom and dad have been very worried. The cops have scoured their property, checking every outbuilding, vehicle and even under their house.

This is really scary. I made my husband call into work, he works night shift and I didn't want to be at home with the kids by myself tonight. We consider our area to be very safe. It's very rural and everyone knows everyone else. You never think about locking your vehicles, most of the time we leave our keys in our cars at our house. We never lock our doors until night. We feel that we can let our kids outside and play without anyone harming them. Now this just lets us know the kind of world we are living in. You can never be too safe. We will defiantly be locking all of our doors and our vehicles from now on. And watch our kids more carefully when they are outside.

I really hate the world that we are in now. We no longer feel safe no matter where we are. It has been almost one year since the tragedy at Virginia Tech, which is only about 30 miles from our house. We were so shocked when that happened, how could something like that happen in our area. This is just as frightening. One thing we do know though, God is with us and we trust him to watch over us through everything. In his Word he warns of the dangers to come and I believe this is just part of it. No this may not be a huge tragedy but it is enough to make us know that we are living in a different time now, you are never totally safe.

Hopefully they find him tonight and our life can get back to normal. We went to my in laws house and we were stopped two times to have our vehicle checked, by officers armed with huge machine guns. That was very scary, I know they are protecting us though, but my kids were kind of scared and asked lots of questions.

I will be praying for this man to be caught soon.

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