Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My New Project!!!!

I finally went and picked up my Christmas present today!! Actually I had gotten money to put towards it and wasn't able to get it until today.

We have such a small house and no room for anything. I have been wanting some sort of storage cabinet to store some big items that I have no room for anywhere else such as my pressure cooker and sewing machine. I have always loved hoosier type cabinets. That's not what I ended up with because they don't have very much storage and a very big price tag.

So this is the beauty that I ended up with. I am not sure what its actually called other than a hutch. It had a really bad paint job on it, so we are painting it. I put the first coat on today. I'm going to start decorating my house in primitive decor. I painted it with a tan kind of color first and tomorrow I will go back with a crackle glaze and then put antique red on top of that. So it will have a primitive crackle type look. I hope it turns out good and I will post pictures when its done.

This is what it looked like before! Pictures aren't so good!

This is after the first coat! The lighting isn't really good it makes it look yellow but its really a tan color!! I'm so excited to finish this!!

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

It's looking great!! Can't wait to see the red crackled finish.

You have the decorating bug now don't ya?

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