Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Boys will be Boys!

I finished spring cleaning my kitchen today. Well almost, I lined my cabinet shelves with contact paper, but I ran out before I could get all of them. I will try to pick up some contact paper when I go to town next and try to finish. If I don't get lazy.

Colton spent the night Saturday with his best friend. His best friend is my best friends son. We have been best friends since we were in the third grade. The boys are the same age, Colton is four months older than her son. Emma is about two years older than her daughter and she also has a new baby that is six months old. My husband says that we will not be having another one just so me and her can keep it even:(

Anyway Colton told my friends husband that a friend of his, that is also our neighbor, and is in the third grade, had a lighter at school the other day. Colton thought it was really cool, he said he saw the kid set toilet paper on fire in the bathroom and flush it. He also thought that it was cool that the lighter had a womans boobies on it (that makes it even worse to me). He didn't think it was a big deal, of course most seven year old boys wouldn't. My friend knew that I needed to know so she called me. I was so upset. My son plays outside with this kid all the time. I didn't know how I was going to keep him from playing with him. Because as soon as my kids go outside, him and his brother and sister come over. We get very frustrated with it, because they stay forever and their parents never watch them or care where they go.

I asked Colton about it that night and let him know how serious that was. I told him that this kid would get kicked out of school if he got caught and if Colton was with him he would get kicked out too. He promised that he would stay away from him.

Well when he got home today he said that the kid got suspended from school for six days because his brother found the lighter and told on him. I know this is horrible to say, but I think its kind of funny. At least it lets Colton and the rest of the little boys that think its so cool to catch things on fire, know that its really serious and you can get in big trouble.

I know I've said this before but boys seem to get more and more difficult as they get older. He was the absolute perfect baby, he was so happy and smiled all the time and never cried. Now he has started back talking and seeing how much he can get by with and doing everything in his power to aggrevate his sister. And he's started liking things like lighters, knives and girls. I see many rough years ahead of me. But no matter how he acts he's still my little boy and I love him to death.


Mama Bear said...

This makes me want to somehow keep my 7 month old son a baby forever.


Good luck!!! :)

Leslie said...

Exactly mama bear. If it were only that easy.
Thanks for the reply.


ladybuffs42 said...

This is funny but not so funny at the same time! I guess he wont be playin with them neighbor kids anymore!!!!

-Lady Buffs42

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