Wednesday, April 23, 2008

High Prices!

I am just disgusted with the cost of everything. I hate to watch the news anymore. It used to be all about crime now its all about the rising cost of gas and food. When is it ever going to end.

Today they were talking about the price of rice and that people are buying so much rice that stores are actually rationing it. Can you believe that rice has doubled in price since January? Thats ridiculous. Isn't beans and rice the cheapest thing you can eat. At least thats what Dave Ramsey always tells all his listeners to do to get out of debt.

I have really been trying this year to do better about my spending and be more careful about what I buy. But its so hard. Every week when I go to the store I can see price increases on everything.

I really don't know what Americans are supposed to do. It's obvious that the government doesn't care about regular hard working American families that are just trying to make ends meet and provide a good life for their families. It seems like the American dream of having two nice cars and a nice home and not living paycheck to paycheck is getting harder and harder for the average family to achieve.

We aren't as bad off as a lot of people out there. We aren't about to lose our home, we have health and dental insurance, and my husband has a good job with good benefits. So I'm very thankful that the Lord has blessed us with everything that we do have. I just pray that the price increases on everything stop very soon and that our economy changes. I'm also praying for this election. Right now I don't really care for any of them running and don't think anyone could clean the mess that we are in up.

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