Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gas Prices Stink!

Everyone is well of aware of how expensive gas is these days. It makes it almost impossible for anyone to afford anything. Because of the price of gas it makes everything else go up, especially groceries.

My husband has a good job, especially for our area, and considering he has no college education. He makes good money and has very good benefits, especially retirement. But his job is one hour away, I'm not exactly sure of the mileage but its alot. He has a fourteen year old chevy truck with over 220,00 miles on it. We have put alot of money into it this year to keep it running. It has been a very good truck but its just starting to wear out. We figured roughly that he has paid out nearly $12,000 in gas in the three years that he has been at this job. That makes me completely sick. We thought we were saving money by not buying another vehicle and we thought we couldn't afford it. But after seeing that figure we defiantly have to something. I've heard that gas will be up to $4.00 a gallon by July. What in the world is anyone to do?

I'm still trying very hard to stick to my grocery budget. Last week I went over a little bit, but still less than I used to spend. Most weeks I have been spending between $50 to $75. We haven't starved yet, even though my husband and kids don't like everything. They like more junk food and convience food and that just isn't allowed on my new budget. It seems like everyone is trying to cut back these days and I have seen lots of other bloggers, writing about it.

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If you have any tips to help. Please leave a comment.


Chile said...

Every now and then, we debate about getting one of the little Scooters for in-town stuff that's a little too far by bike. If they cost a little less, I think we'd go that route.

Leslie said...

Chile a scooter sounds very neat. I would love that if we didn't live so far out in the country. Hope you get one soon.

Heather said...

Leslie, that is a difficult situation. I wish I had some fabulous magical advice for you. Hang in there.
Thank you for the link love.

Anonymous said...

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