Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sick kid!

It has been a really rough week here. My four year old daughter Emma has had the flu this week or at least thats what we think. I didn't take her to the doctor. It's so hard to know when to take them to the doctor. I have took my kids before and they make you feel so stupid for coming and then you hate to risk them picking up something else while there. As a parent there is never any easy decisions.

Emma has been very tired, run a low grade fever, coughing, complaining of headache and stomachache and not eating anything(which is very unusual for her). She is starting to feel a little better, but still not back to herself. I hope she will be better soon and that Colton doesn't get it.

Travis has been sick with a cold for about a week too. His symptoms weren't like Emma's, just coughing and sore throat. He has still worked through it though. He's such a hard worker, he works usually 12-16 hours of overtime every week. It is great money and helps us out a lot. I do wish that he didn't have to work any overtime and could be here more with me and the kids but I'm very greatful for all that he does.

I have been pretty lazy the last couple of days. I did manage to get all my floors mopped on Monday and did lots of laundry yesterday. Today I need to try to do more. It's hard to get very much accomplished when you have a sick kid.

My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas. I am really excited about learning to sew. My mom and sister sew a lot. They are very talented and crafty. I was never interested in sewing until here recently. I really need to start practicing with my machine. I'm a little intimidated by it. I need to start working on my log cabin quilt block that we will be making for our farm girl meeting. We are making a quilt block every month and the first is a log cabin. I still have to figure out what colors I want to do and get my fabric. I also want to make me an apron and Emma some dresses. Easier said than done:)

The last couple days the weather has been beautiful here in VA. It was close to 70's both days and supposed to be in the 50's today. I am really getting spring fever. I wasn't able to get outside and do anything because of Emma being so clingy but it was nice to have some sunshine and warmth. We didn't have to have a fire in our woodstove for a couple days which was wonderful. I can't wait for spring to plant my garden. Last year was the first year that I took any interest in gardening and canning. I had a nice vegetable garden and I canned a lot. I had never canned anything before so I was pretty proud of myself. I made two different types of pickles: bread and butter, and sandwich pickles. I also made a lot of salsa from my sisters recipe. It was wonderful I was able to give some as gifts for Christmas which was very good too. I also canned some tomato juice and tomatoes and canned some apples in the fall. This year I'm hoping to have a better garden and to be able to can a lot more. That will help on my mission to get thrifty.

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