Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Blahs!

Do you ever have those weeks, where you are absolutely useless? That was my week. It may be a case of the winter blahs or just plain laziness( remember I said I was going to work on that). This computer is not a good thing for me. When I get online, I could stay for hours and then I feel horrible about it because I don't get anything else done. I wonder how some people with very detailed blogs do it. Maybe they are controlled enough to get online and just blog and not do anything else. Thats not me.

We were supposed to get a big ice storm last night, but thank the Lord it missed us. I just knew we would have no power for a couple days. I was really dreading it. There was one, little boy in my house that was very disappointed this morning. Colton got up and said is school closed today and when I told him no, he was really mad. I remember those days. When you couldn't wait to have a snow day. We used to get out of school for snow a whole lot more than they do now. The winters around here just keep getting milder and milder. Of course as adults we don't mind that at all, but I do feel sorry for my kids. They really need a big snow to play in. But not to big.

Hopefully next week I will have more energy and get more done. I need to bad. Have a great weekend:)

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