Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simple joy of a balloon!

On Monday Emma and I went to the grocery store. We went to the local family owned grocery store in town. I like going there because I feel as if I'm supporting local people from our community. But they don't have as good of selection as the larger chain store in town. That's a good thing for me though because I don't spend as much money on premade, convience foods, but sometimes I need those things. Anyway this store is still very much into taking care of their customers such as carrying the groceries to your car, asking if you want paper or plastic, and giving kids balloons. Normally my kids are allowed to get a piece of candy at checkout time if they have been good. But Emma didn't even ask for candy when she spotted the balloons. That is totally out of character for her because she loves candy.

She picked out a purple balloon because they didn't have pink. When the cashier tied it on her hand, her face lit up like she was given the most expensive toy ever. She held on as tight as she could to the ribbon when we went outside, to keep it from flying away. When we got in the car she had to buckle up her new best friend, that she named "Balloonie". She talked to it and carried it around everywhere, and then when the air started to go out and it didn't stay in the air anymore it became more fun. Her and Colton played for hours trying to keep it from touching the floor and when Colton was at school she played it. She sat on the couch and watched t.v. with it and pretended it was a baby. For two days she had the most wonderful toy she had ever had and then today it popped. She was dissappointed, and kind of sad. So I guess next week we will be going to that same store just so Emma can get a balloon.

Maybe as parents we need to remember sometimes entertainment for kids can be as simple as a balloon.

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Leslie you are so precious! I love you so much! I really love to read your little stories.

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